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Greek Exceptional Honey

On a small Greek island called Evia is a beautiful little farm called Stayia. What is so beautiful about this farm? Well apart from it being in my personal favourite part of Europe, Greece, it is a Bio Farm and this means it...

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How To Look Youthful Every Day

Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies and is also what takes the harsh and extreme conditions such as coldness, too much heat, dryness and exposure to various impurities. There are a number of ways to help our skin remain...

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Healthy Joints

Working out has so many benefits, it improves your mood, increases your metabolism which helps burn more fat and build muscle, keeps you fit, improves your health and many more. In order to exercise and do it regularly, you have...

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E-cig exports banned in China

Customs officers have seized over 500,000 ‘Vape Products’ worth an estimated $100 million after recent Chinese e-cig regulation banning the export and manufacturing of e-cigarette products. These electronic cigarettes, which are...

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