“We shouldn’t need spy balloons from China or a Pentagon survival specialist to tell us.”

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“They can do EMP attacks to knock out the power grid and kill 90% of people in the cities within a year,” says Richard Ruhling, a retired MD who taught Health at Loma Linda University. https://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2023/01/theyre-telling-us-what-comes-next-and-its-far-worse-than-covid-3787875.html

“Life in the cities is artificial and will disappear like Artificial Intelligence when the “day of darkness” (biblical end-times in Joel’s 2nd chapter) comes with end-time events sooner than we expect,” says Ruhling, adding that a move to country is better a year early than a day late.

It may not be possible to find all that we want in the country, but a small place with tillable soil and a well, stream or pond has huge advantages over city rioting and martial law when truckers won’t have food. Have we seen the numerous calamities befalling the food industry, either by accident or intent? asks Ruhling. Our gov is guilty of stupid policies too– https://needtoknow.news/2023/02/canada-dairy-farmer-exposes-govt-scheme-to-hike-prices-destroy-millions-of-gallons-of-milk/

Ruhling sees a time when we can’t buy or sell without a mark of compliance in Revelation that will bring a crisis and notes that most people he meets in town have had no problem with Covid, nor need of a shot—

He notes the many Adverse Reactions besides death:

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With many dying suddenly, even young people, Ruhling says we don’t need a “conspiracy theory” (Reader’s Digest says most have proven real) when gov’t mandates pharma that has NO long-range studies and the Bible says pharmakeia “deceives all nations” (Greek word is badly translated sorcery in the 18th of Revelation.

Anyone can use an online concordance of the Bible to discover all references to physicians have a negative context, The last chapter of Genesis shows that physicians also did the embalming, maybe because they lost so many patients. Christ healed a woman who spent all her money on physicians and was no better. Still true.

Ruhling, who was board-certified in Internal Medicine, says medical texts list nearly all diseases as “unknown etiology” which means they don’t know the cause, probably because most doctors don’t have time to ask the patients what their eating habits are. But Ruhling did physicals on executives who said that sugar, cheese or meat bothered their joints. They were smart men who had discovered the cause and didn’t need a drug Rx.

Returning to country living could help many health issues, most of them being what we put in our mouths, says Ruhling. He says every drug in the Physician’s Desk Reference has a long list of Adverse Reactions, but home-grown food is safer that the packaged foods—don’t read labels—don’t eat foods that have labels

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