Best-selling Chilean-born Australian author & social activist, Marcela Del Sol, is drawing on her own experiences living with Dissociative Identity Disorder to eradicate stigma surrounding mental illness and to make a positive difference to kids who have suffered considerable trauma.

Marcela has recently launched best selling novel “Kaleidoscope: my life’s multiple reflections” in an effort to invite readers to take a look at the fascinating, yet challenging experience of living with DID.

Mental illness is a topic that must be carefully dealt with and Del Sol has bravely put her soul and experience living with DID into an engaging, although hard to easily digest at times, book.

Kaleidoscope tells the story of a powerful and overly sensual woman – Lucia – who suffers the disorder and shares her adventures and her alter’s experiences through a range of intense situations and emotions that will leave the reader wanting more and perhaps even crying.

Find more about the book and Marcela on her website