Angela Cudger is a Master Holistic Health Coach & Integrative Lifestyle Expert. She is the Primary Educator & Founder of Legacy Holistic Health Institute. Earning her Bachelor’s of Cardiopulmonary Care Sciences from Georgia State University and her Master’s of Medical Science in Anesthesiology from Emory University School of Medicine, she is educated to the medical school level in Human Anatomy, Physiology & Chronic Disease Management. She is a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN) & currently coaches corporate and healthcare clients.

She is the Founder and Primary Teacher of Legacy Holistic Health Institute, where she develops health and wellness leaders into Holistic Health Coaches. Her program is the only one of its kind on the market that blends anatomy and physiology, disease management, holistic nutrition, and practical coaching skills with spirituality, professional and business development., Health Coaches who graduate from Legacy are cutting-edge and relevant.

Angela’s passion for mind-body-soul connection has also lead her to become a Certified Kemetic Yoga Instructor (CYT 200) & Level III Reiki Healer. Her personal journey in the holistic health & wellness space has given her an extensive background in nutrition. Coupled with a Critical Care medical career that spans over 18 years, her knowledge and experience make her a powerhouse in the holistic wellness space.

Tell us about your ministry/businesses?

I’m the Founder & Director of Legacy Holistic Health Institute, where we certify health coaches. In this course, holistic nutrition and anatomy, meet metaphysics and business. It is the most comprehensive Health Coach training on the market.

Where do you see yourself in the next 2 years? 5 years?

In the next two years, I see myself increasing global awareness and admissions by taking the school on tour around the globe. Hosting events for other wellness leaders to come together and grow. Financially, I see myself solidly at 7 figures and growing steadily with a full team in alignment with a growing higher education business.

In the next 5 years, I see myself having an entire campus dedicated to educated wellness professionals and creating a safe space for them to heal and grow as leaders on the planet. I see major names on the planet getting behind the holistic wellness movement through Legacy Holistic Health Institute and the movement that is being created. We also create tools (software, apps, AI) for health & wellness leaders to use in their businesses. We quickly become a household name.

What’s next for Angela personally?

The next things that are coming up for me personally include a specific type of personal development that allows me to tap deeper into my soul’s mission. My sights are set on journeying to high vibrational places on the planet that will allow me to immerse myself into the knowledge of the Divine that leads to a healthier, happier life. I have also been called to cleanse myself in preparation for my next level in life and business. This will give me the mental clarity and stability to be able to listen and intuitively understand my next path in life.

 How do you handle setbacks?

I handle setbacks by evaluating the entire situation, without judgment of myself or others. My goal in any setback is to quickly put energy towards an effective solution and level up. If inner reflection is required, then I take some time to go within and intuitively be guided towards a solution. I always use setbacks as feedback on my path.

What is the greatest lesson that you have learned in ministry/business?

The greatest lesson I’ve learned in business is that it takes a team to scale and create something. Understanding how to duplicate oneself is what sets solopreneurs apart from CEOs.

What advice would you give to that person who’s business is no doing so great and wants to give up?

Consistency brings the momentum to take a business to its next level. All of the energy we have towards our purpose must be put towards consistently showing up great and being our best self.

What does it take to have a successful ministry/business?

A successful business takes more than gifts and creativity. It requires consistent effort to align with our vision and develop the resources that we uniquely possess. It also takes courage and belief that the world deserves our uniques talents, gifts, and abilities. We must remember that our business is not here for everyone on the planet, but for those people that we are here to specifically serve. The success of any business resides in staying focused on this.

Connect with Angela:

Instagram: @queen.of.wellness and @legacy_holistic_health

Twitter: @queenofwellness

Periscope: @queenofwellness