Cupertino, CA, August 08, 2017 –(– Cinarra Systems, the company that enables mobile network operators (MNOs) to fully participate in the mobile advertising ecosystem, today announced the launch of their new RealPeople™ product, a self-service Audience Marketing Platform that includes unique features such as real-life audience segmentation and management, real-time targeting, in-depth audience reports, and online to offline measurement capabilities. Cinarra’s RealPeople platform uniquely combines standard online advertising events reporting (mobile ad views, clicks, website visits and conversions) with location-based data to analyze real-time, real-life activity such as store and venue visits and other location-based behaviors.

In addition to the release of the self-service user interface, the RealPeople platform has been enhanced with new capabilities including audience research reports, campaign reach and spend prediction tools, as well as new venue analytics and visit lift metrics. These enhancements help advertising agencies plan their digital advertising campaigns while gaining a deeper understanding of both online and offline consumer behaviors.

"We have done many promotions to drive traffic to our stores, but it was hard to measure the marketing ROI of these campaigns. By leveraging Cinarra’s technology, we were able to evaluate the effectiveness of campaigns in driving store visits while also gaining a much deeper understanding of our store visitors,” said Toshihide Hayashi, senior manager, group retail marketing at Adidas Japan K.K. “We believe that measuring store traffic for advertisement is a Key Performance Indicator, and deep understanding of store visitors and their real life behaviors will lead to greater ROI in retail marketing. There is huge potential.”

“The target for one of our brands requires very unique mobile targeting conditions which have been extremely hard to achieve using just web data. With Cinarra’s rich location data and highly accurate demographic data, we were able to better target our potential customers, and as a result, our consumer communication has become much more effective,” said Kei Oda, marketing digital media and marketing manager at Reckitt Benkeiser. “As we make a major shift from mass media to digital, Cinarra’s unique technology for audience analysis and ad serving opens up mobile marketing opportunities that were previously not possible.”

“Measuring offline attribution for digital advertisement has been a major problem for advertisers, as the majority of purchases take place not online, but in retail outlets,” said Sohei Mitani, senior executive planner in the Solution Planning Department at Dentsu Digital. “By leveraging Cinarra’s technology, we can seamlessly link customers’ online and offline activities, and as a result, analyze the relationship between digital marketing and purchase for deeper understanding of our customers and their behaviors, and ultimately, for better and more relevant consumer marketing.”

“For years advertisers have relied on cookies for targeting and on purely online metrics such as click-through and conversion rates to measure campaign performance. Real-time, location-based data and online to offline measurements are the natural evolution of digital advertising,” said Alex Zinin, CEO of Cinarra Systems. “Furthermore, advertisers have been limited in their ability to distinguish between different cookie and application identifiers on the same mobile device, leading to wasted ad spend and a fragmented understanding of audience behaviors. High quality mobile operator data offers new opportunities to unify disparate advertising identifiers to enable people-based marketing; the real-time streaming nature of the operator data is powering new measurement metrics. The release of our self-service RealPeople Audience Marketing Platform gives advertising agencies first-hand access to these new measurements and unique audience insights.”

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Addressing the changing needs of an increasingly mobile society, Cinarra Systems’ technology enables a more prosperous and secure mobile Internet economy, benefiting mobile operators, advertisers and consumers. By uniting mobile operators and their unique, ‘always on’ data assets with the advertising ecosystem, Cinarra makes it possible for advertisers to create relevant and efficient mobile advertising campaigns, while creating a new foundation to support consumers’ mobile lifestyles. Cinarra has offices in Silicon Valley, Kazan, Russia, and Tokyo, Japan. Investors in Cinarra include SoftBank Corp., Almaz Capital, Cisco Investments, and Siguler Guff & Company.

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