The Construction Defect Center is urging a home buyer anywhere in the nation who bought a new home from a home builder to put in writing unfinished work orders that the builder has not completed before the one year anniversary of the home purchase.

WASHINGTON, DC, August 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Construction Defect Center says, “Because of the Coronavirus we are appealing to a home buyer anywhere in the nation who purchased a newly constructed home within the last 12 months to please list all remaining work order-or punch list items that require the builder’s attention and send the list via US Postal Service’s certified mail to the home builder. We think this must be done before the homeowners one year anniversary of closing on the home. The list should include a cover letter that includes your name, the home’s address and your contact e-mail and phone number. Any homeowner can get the US Postal Services ‘certified mail’ card at any US Post Office. As we think everyone knows the Coronavirus has created manpower issues within all sectors of the economy-including construction.

“What we do not want to see happen to a purchaser of a new home within the last 12 months is for them to get locked out of what might be a one year-standard warranty period in any state because he or she failed to notify the home builder of needed repairs, punch list items that need to be completed or other repair items that the builder has yet to repair. Putting the builder on notice of yet to be repaired punch list items is a very smart move-if you purchased the home within the last 12 months.

“We are the premier advocate in the nation for construction defects and we don’t want homeowners left with a bar tab because their builder can prove the home buyer failed to properly notify them of a known construction defect issue or like we said a punch list item that was never taken care of.” https://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

In Addition to helping new home buyers with the basics the Construction Defect Center is focused on making certain a new home buyer does not get stuck with a big repair bill on the following types of building products in their home:

* Defective siding or building envelope issues related to water intrusion or mold.

* Defective roofing material or flashing that is defective or has not been properly installed.

* Defective residential pipe or piping material.

* Defective windows that have failed prematurely or that leak.

* Defective wood flooring products.

*Defective appliances that were included with the new home

The Construction Defect Center’s number one priority is ensuring a homeowner of a custom home, a home in a subdivision, a townhome, or a condominium project anywhere in the nation does not get stuck with an expensive repair bill for a problem that should have been repaired by the builder or real estate development company.

In 2022 the Construction Defect Center will begin listing state specific law firms that specialize in representation of homeowners who have been stuck with a construction defect-so that a homeowner will know who to call for legal assistance. The average homeowner nationwide has almost no way to find the most capable and skilled construction defect law firms in their state. https://ConstructionDefectCenter.Com

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