Rap artist and now music mogul, Drama Squad Jay, is doing what most independent rappers have trouble doing, and that’s truly getting his music out there, and making his listener base grow with every passing book. The San Bernardino rapper has worked incredibly hard for the last ten years, and it seems that all of it is finally paying off in a big way- both from a business perspective, as well as an artist of true merit and weight.   

Jay already has his music featured in over 100 major publications, while also being the figurehead and decision maker of his own companies, “Indie Hip Hop Buzz” and “Drama Media”. The rapper’s breakthrough couldn’t be more perfectly timed, with already 5 albums worth of content made available online, not including his next highly anticipated release, ‘Drama Season’. Gary Owen, Stitches, Trill Sammy, and many more mainstays in the music industry have already taken note, and consequently joined his “Drama Squad” movement, especially evident from his Independent Artists compilation mixtape collection, ‘The Next Boomin!’. The second installment is supposed to be released this very summer, alongside ‘Drama Season’. Drama Squad Jay is also gunning forward in winning awards at this year’s iteration of Independent Music Awards at New York City, alongside his trusted companion and producer, Master Green.  

His company, ‘Indie Hip Hop Buzz’, helps bring independent artists under a single platform, and promotes them across the most appropriate platforms like Instagram. A number of NFL players have already started to take notice, and other popularly, verified accounts are also decidedly involved in all of Jay’s endeavors and the thousands of talented independent artists following his cause. His second company, ‘Drama Media’, shines a light upon the truly worthwhile undiscovered talents, and it most certainly gives independent artists a significant chance to grow and become successful in an organic and quick fashion. His innovative and impressive promotional tactics have gained significant and value added attention from major labels, celebrities, and other players in the industry. Next year, Jay plans on focusing more on his companies more, and truly bring the heat seeking talents of thousands following him to the promised land.

His book, “The Right Way to Release Music” is a must read for anyone new to the music industry, and his debut album “Dreams Realized After Money Arrives” is also set to release next year. Drama Squad Jay’s career appears to go nowhere but straight up, and with coverage from the media he is receiving, as well as the constant support and belief from so many of his peers, he might stay there for a long time!