Campbell earns $2,500 toward his education at William & Mary Law School.

RUTHERFORDTON, NC, December 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Farmer & Morris Law Volunteer Service Scholarship is designed to highlight exceptional students who are dedicated to helping their communities. This year, the winner of the $2,500 award is law student Boaz Campbell.

Campbell attends William and Mary law school, where he studies to become an immigration law attorney. This passion for law, as his winning essay shows, is rooted in his experiences as a volunteer. Campbell cites his deep-rooted Christian faith as one of the main factors in urging him to help others.

“Whether it be volunteering at a deaf orphanage in Peru, serving at a soup kitchen for the elderly in Honduras, or working at clinics in Romania’s Romani churches, my mind was opened and molded by each new experience,” writes Campbell.

The most crucial event toward shaping his desire to become an immigration lawyer was a recent trip to help the Tarahumara people in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. “Every conversation shared a common theme: deportation from the U.S., separation from their family, and hopelessness,” Campbell writes.

The experience Campbell had with the Tarahumara people “caused me to dedicate my time in college to researching immigration: its complexities, processes, and minute details, all the while compiling my research in summaries, policy briefs, and presentations.”

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