The “Come Back Stronger” Scholarship Winner Will Receive $2,500 in Financial Support

TALLAHASSEE, FL, September 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Fasig | Brooks wants incoming and current college students throughout the United States to have the chance to pursue their education with as little financial stress as possible. What’s more, the firm wants to celebrate those students who’ve faced trials and tribulations in their lives and come out stronger for their efforts.

It’s with those goals in mind that, beginning in 2023, Fasig | Brooks will award its “Come Back Stronger” scholarship to rising and current college students. This scholarship offers applicants the chance to win $2,500 in financial support.

Fasig | Brooks requests that students submit a three- to five-minute video essay discussing a challenge they’ve faced in their lives. The firm encourages students to embrace their inner creativity and does not expect students to recount their hardships in the same ways.

That said, each student’s video essay should highlight an obstacle, like an illness or major loss, that changed the trajectory of their lives. Students should then discuss the ways in which they grew from the hardship they faced and how they intend to take any loss-related lessons with them as they continue to pursue their goals.

Fasig | Brooks requires all applying students to meet certain criteria in addition to creating their video essays. Applicants must have a 3.0 GPA or higher to qualify for the scholarship. Applicants should also submit proof of residence or right to attend school and work in the United States.

Students who want to apply for the “Come Back Stronger” scholarship have until December 15, 2023, to put together their materials. Fasig | Brooks encourages students to submit their completed video essays and other application materials through the law firm’s website.

The firm cannot answer questions about the nature of this scholarship at this time. Neither students nor their parents should reach out to the law firm with questions about the scholarship or about the progress of a student’s application.

Fasig | Brooks wishes all of its applicants the best of luck and looks forward to hearing about how the next generation has already begun cultivating the perseverance it needs to succeed.

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