Find out why people are not stopping with the bed of their pickups when getting spray in bedliners

SPRINGFIELD, MO, November 17, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — Spraying a pickup truck with protective bedliner material doesn’t have to stop at the bed. The spray-in bedliner industry has found a new niche among pickup owners who have chosen to cover the entirety of their vehicle with spray bedliner material for a beautiful, durable appearance that they don’t have to worry about chipping; cracking, scraping, nor bullets penetrating, for that matter!

The bedliner industry has always been on the cutting edge of vehicle customization with owners who desire to go to that next level. For years, aftermarket bedliner services occupied a nice little corner of the automotive business, offering sheer practicality — protecting pickup beds from dings and scratches.

“I was looking for a rugged look and spent weeks researching ways to achieve a unique look when i came across several others that had decided to spray their entire vehicle in bedliner material.” Said Tyler Ford of Springfield, MO., as he observed his 2017 Toyota Tundra getting sprayed nose to tailgate in bedliner material at ArmorThane USA headquarters.

A trend that is still growing!
ArmorThane head of marketing, Troy Bacon, says ArmorThane’s worldwide applicators are reporting more and more requests for a full body bedliner spray job. “The fad hasn’t been as much of a shock as it has been a natural progression of the bedliner industry,” said Troy, as he watched his spray team readying another vehicle to go into the large indoor spray booth.

Not just pickups are getting the treatment.
Bacon says, “some customers have brought in ATVs, tractors, four wheels, boats, and other off-road vehicles to treat bedliner paint.” Many customers have chosen against going with the standard black color. Instead, they have opted for a desert tan to give the vehicle a military look or any other colors to match their accessories. The coating is about a sixteenth of an inch, thicker than a standard paint job. You don’t have to worry about leaks, scratches, door dings, or any of the normal things you do with a normal paint job.

Seeing Is Believing
Visitors know when they have arrived at ArmorThane headquarters, as they keep a fleet of full-body bedliner pickup trucks out front. The entire spraying process for these vehicles takes no longer than 3 hours. And what a difference some bedliner material can make to the look of a truck.

On this day, ArmorThane had chosen a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup truck that had seen better days as the one they were adding to their fleet of full-body bedliner work trucks. As ArmorThane’s professional sprayer, Ryan Harrington, said, this truck had been used very hard for many years. It had been repainted several times before being used as a go-getter. The exterior had been neglected. However, none of these matter when doing a full-body spray bedliner. All that old paint was sandblasted off during the prep work for the vehicle.

“You don’t have to wash it,” said Harrington, who has been spraying bedliners since he completed his active-duty service in the military seven years ago. “It’s for the guy who wants something completely different,” Harrington said.

ArmorThane is one of the largest bedliner services globally, with locations in many countries and most states throughout the United States. If you would like to become a bedliner applicator and don’t want to spend money to become a franchise like many others in the industry, ArmorThane is the company for you! There are no franchise or hidden fees. They offer free training with every purchase of their high and low-pressure spray systems.

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