Growing Stars online tutoring program for K-12 students

PLEASANTON, CA, September 15, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Growing Stars, Inc., a pioneer in personalized one-on-one learning, offers online tutoring services for elementary, middle school, and high school students in math, English, science, IT, and languages, as well as prep programs for the SAT, ACT and AP tests. The online tutoring programs offered by Growing Stars are tailored to the unique needs of individual students, enabling them to select and schedule a program completely suited to their needs and convenience.

Why choose Growing Stars?

Since 2004, the live, one-on-one online tutoring from Growing Stars has actively helped thousands of K-12 students get better grades in school, and score well in Test Prep, SAT, AP and ACT.Online tutoring programs provided by Growing Stars are conducted using shared whiteboard and voice-over-Internet technologies. In addition, every child has an Education Manager who both manages the tutoring to suit the child’s unique needs, and maintains a relationship with the parents. The quality control department of Growing Stars regularly obtains customer feedback, and works with our teaching staff to ensure the highest quality of online tutoring. Such professionally managed tutoring offers students the unique support that helps them to overcome the learning loss associated with summer vacation, and to get the best possible grades during the school year.

Mainstream education sector embraces online tutoring

There has been a steady growth in the online-based learning industry as universities and organizations have promoted Internet-based learning as a way to reach millions of people. The number of active users who subscribe to online tutoring has increased by several hundred percent in recent years, resulting in its increased acceptance across the U.S. and the rest of the world. For many reasons, online tutoring is an excellent way to help children who are challenged in their academic lives. Online tutoring also eliminates much of the need for printed materials; instead it features tools which make learning more interactive and enjoyable. Digital white boards and related electronic tools make learning more vibrant and fun-filled. Tutoring has traditionally been expensive, making it difficult for most parents to afford it. However, the advent of online tutoring changed the underlying economics, making tutoring accessible to almost everyone.

Back-to-school online tutoring

The time to go back to school has arrived. With fresh clothes and smart shoes, young scholars welcome a new academic year with hope and excitement. But stress and strain at the beginning of a new academic year can be just as overwhelming for parents as for children.

For many students academic endeavors seem to be a frustrating part of their lives. Online tutoring firm Growing Stars can be a stress reliever for students and parents. For students who are struggling with subjects such as math or science, online tutoring provides an instant way to improve their situations, as they receive one-on-one personalized support. Online tutoring is not just for children who are struggling; many parents use the services of leading online tutoring companies such as Growing Stars to help their children reach their full academic potentials. With tutoring resources available online, students can receive great support and access to additional assistance, such as Growing Stars’ homework help designed for math students.

Biju Abraham Mathew, Founder and CEO of Growing Stars, Inc., says “As most of today’s children have grown up with Internet access, and are more familiar with digital and online devices, online tutoring has become a widely accepted part of education.”

About Growing Stars

Headquartered in Pleasanton, California, Growing Stars operates a teaching hub in India offering effective, convenient, and affordable one-on-one live online tutoring to students around the globe. Online tutors at Growing Stars are available 24 x 7, and offer dedicated academic assistance to students across the United States and other countries. Students who enroll at Growing Stars receive personalized lessons, and parents receive regular progress reports. As a leading online tutoring company with more than a decade in live one-on-one online tutoring, Growing Stars continues to help thousands of students every year to attain better grades in school, and to earn spots at prestigious universities.

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