Introducing America’s best relationship therapy group; The Relationship Boosters! Their literally like the answer to every woman’s prayer when it comes to love, sex, and relationships! We all know how complicated the “love thing” can be. So, to get not one, but three people who can help you steer the course in this sometime complex topic is like a gift down from heaven! Dr.Kia James, Monika Ward, and CarolAnn Trotman are here to uncomplicate our lives!

The Relationship Boosters are Licensed Therapists with Masters and Doctoral degrees in the counseling field. They have been featured in national magazines and on radio programs to provide information that helppeople build strong relationships. They have a busy private practice in Laurel, Maryland and years of experience and proven success with helping women and couples build strong relationships, let go of toxic patterns, and use strategies to improve their quality of life. They have a combination of 18 years experience providing therapy, and have helped thousands of people get the life that they want and get the relationships that they thought they could never have.

Why are you so passionate about helping others?

Monika: People in general are very fascinating to me.  I learn so much from talking to people and learning about their backgrounds/cultures or what makes them tic. I enjoy hearing the stories that people share and it is an honor to feel trusted with that information. I find my work as a therapist challenging, never dull and rewarding when I can help someone grow and improve their lives and their relationships.

Kia: I believe that everyone deserves to have happiness when it comes to their life and their relationships. There are so many people who believe that happiness is not possible, and I want others to know the possibilities are available. 

I also believe that people don’t have information or they have been provided misinformation, and because the information is not readily available, it eliminates the ability to make the best decisions (or have access to things) in a timely manner. So providing this information can help people, which can have a positive impact on the community as a whole

I see that you ladies have a massive following on social media that are pretty interactive with you. Business looks great and seems to be doing amazing . What advice would you give to that person who’s business is no doing so great and wants to give up?

Kia: Don’t do it. Build relationships with others in your field, so you can get insight about what works, and what doesn’t work.  Make time to network. Get a mentor or a coach that can give you with some specific strategies that will help your business.

Carol-Ann: Keep going. Turn the goals into more bite size objectives and work on something daily. Make sure you also.make time for self-care because feeling drained can impact how you view your business.

Everyone has different definitions of what success is. What may be successful to one may not be for another. Define what success is to you.

Carol-Ann: Freedom, time, the ability to give back with freedom from worry about my own stability. To travel and spend time with family and friends. To positively impact people’s lives.

Monika: Being able to look back on my life and seeing that I had a very positive and powerful impact on the lives of people I’ve touched. This includes my husband, children, family, friends and anyone that I have worked with throughout the  years.

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