Ladi Anne is a musician and audio-visual creator from Brazil, based Los Angeles. She released her latest music-video on Youtube, Villas, which is a soul touching performance collaboration between Ladi Anne and famous dancer Marion Crampe.

“Villas, the truth is that you never really left me. You continue to teach me so much with your forever present soul. Please dance with me wherever you are right now. I hope you’ll like it. Eu te amo, meu pai.” – Wrote Ladi in regards of her project that serves as a tribute to her late father.

We are truly stunned by this young lady whose not only proving the world with amazing art but she is also sharing her fruits with those in need.

Ladi is donating 100% of the profits earned with “Villas” to MindLeaps, a non-profitable organization based in NYC that provides housing and schooling to street children in post conflict and developing countries.

“I play because it gives sense to my existence, and I want to share this feeling with the world in hopes to awaken dreams and dreamers”. – Ladi on her social media.