Infidelity Historically Spikes on Valentine Day and Divorce The Day After.

CHARLOTTE, NC, February 15, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ —, a service that has been provided to suspicious partners over the last 8 years, is scrambling to prepare for the increase volume of calls and tests that will come in during the month of February. “Valentine’s Day, which is a day set aside for lovers, is notoriously known in our industry as the beginning of a big BOOM in business,” says James, the Sales Manager.

There is always an uptick in business the day after Valentine Day. What we have found is that people who are cheating on their partners tend to make the most errors and leave the most DNA evidence of their infidelity on this annual day set aside for lovers. Partners who suspect that their lover is cheating usually go to the internet in search for a way to get the answers they are looking for. During their search they find our website and call in. What causes people to chose us is the scientific methods we choose to get them the proof they need. Once We recommend the type of testing they need, they usually send in a pair of undies for infidelity testing. If there was ever a question as to whether someone is cheating or not, the day after Valentine is the perfect opportunity to capture a sample and send it in.

Where one partner is thinking of valentine day as an opportunity for closeness, intimacy and expression for love, the cheating partner is thinking of how they are going to coordinate events to fit multiple lovers into this one special day.

The owner of believes that this service helps people make the difficult decision of confronting a cheating partner armed with scientific, indisputable evidence. The peace of mind that only truth provides is what most people are after and this is what we give them for a nominal fee. All testing is conducted twice for accuracy in the world’s leading forensic lab and all results are signed by a lab technician. This service offers the faithful or monogamous partner the opportunity to get closure in a life consuming situation that can rob a person of their peace and joy daily. is owned and operated by E-Lab Center. The purpose of this service is to help people who are looking for a way to have honest, open, and transparent discussions with their partners. Our hope is that it will help people to move past the lies and deception that often come with infidelity. Feel Free to call us at 800-416-0242.

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