Our search for reputable inpatient rehab centers brings us to Cleveland Ohio. Most rehab centers in this town majorly deal in combating problems that are alcohol and drug-related, as well as substance abuse.

A catastrophic rise in the number of drug addicts in the country, taking the youths as a focal point, have initiated the idea of setting up more drug rehab centers compared to other types of rehab. The number of drug rehab centers available exceeds that of physical rehab, emotional rehab and mental rehabs.


Inpatient treatment programs are more restrictive compared to outpatient. Unlike in outpatient where individuals are required to spend a period of 10 – 12 hours a week in the treatment center, inpatient program is completely residential. This isn’t a disadvantage to the individual, as they pay more attention to achieving their treatment goal without interruption from the outside world.

At inpatient programs, you are offered the highest level of care and treatment which is carefully monitored by a team of experienced therapists. Despite costing more, the attention you receive is praiseworthy and yields quicker result due to been surrounded by people who are willing to help, preventing you from going sober or experiencing a relapse. Your progress is duel monitored, with the right recovery method on offer.

List of inpatient rehab centers in Cleveland ohio

Cleveland Ohio is where you will find some of the most reputable inpatient rehab centers across the country. This list covers a good number of drug rehabs that other types on rehab programs.


The ridge is an inpatient rehab center which strives to replicate the same atmosphere you have in your home. Their facilities are set up to make clients feel comfortable and less bored. Their environment is friendly and serene with a bed and breakfast offered just as you will get in your home.

Their team of nurses and physicians are fully dedicated to helping their patients achieve their treatment goals, interactive sections are held to help patients communicate their problems more.

The ridge is fully accredited, with their efforts earning them a seal of approval from the joint commission. They incorporate activities like sport and recreational exercise into their service to keep patients active, nutritional needs of patients are also met in a bid to keep them healthy. Aftercare service is also available in this center.


Glenbeigh is an inpatient alcohol and drug treatment center located at northeast Ohio. Their programs have helped thousands of people overcome their addiction problems. It provides a friendly environment where individuals are free to express themselves to a therapist.

Glenbeigh is recognized across the country with their team of experienced staff on hand to attend to patients need on calling. They support the idea of a holistic approach towards recovery programs which is believed to create wholesome changes in the life of the individual; their goal is to help the patient overcome their dependency on a chemical substance.


Abraxas Ohio is a huge treatment center for adolescence male suffering from drugs and alcohol addiction, it comprises of 100-bed space in a serene environment. Their focus is on individuals suffering from trauma, physical, emotional or sexual abuse.

In addition to substance abuse, their facility supports those suffering from mental illness and developmental disabilities. Abraxas Ohio is fully accredited under agencies like the joint commission and Ohio department of mental health.

Their 100-bed space is divided among drug and alcohol addiction patient and juvenile sex offenders.


Orca house is a residential rehab center, with a key interest in men suffering from chemical dependency. Services rendered include drug, alcohol, and tobacco assessment programs. Patients are also counseled on areas such as anger management, life skills, job development management etc.

Though a relatively small rehab center with 16 treatment beds, orca house affords you the care and attention you deserve. Services include both short and long-term, with the long-term ranging from 60-120 days.


Located in Washington Avenue, Cleveland Ohio, Stella Maris runs both inpatient and outpatient programs to young men and women suffering from substance abuse addiction, using methods like Detox in patient ’s recovery. Long-term residential and partial hospitalization/day treatments are available.