A multipurpose basket for bathroom, kitchen cabinet and countertop storage.

SEATTLE, WA, May 29, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — Lifewit, a homeware solutions company that helps its clients enjoy a genuine, comfortable life, is introducing its latest product, the Lifewit Under Sink Organizer, a multipurpose basket for bathroom, kitchen cabinet, countertop office storage, etc.

Investing in a few under-sink organizers has shown that the empty space under the sinks can be turned into a useful space when organized correctly—which has been proven to transform one’s mornings from a frantic, caffeine-fueled cosmetics/dish scavenger hunt into a tranquil, mediative AM routine. This is why Lifewit created its 2-tier rack standing Under Sink Organizer, to give its users a space for their own pace.

Lifewit’s Under Sink Organizers come with a variety of features. Compared to other under sink organizers, the Lifewit storage organizers have an increased height per layer, designed to hold large detergents like Tide, several large shower gel, shampoo, etc.

Quality over quantity is a trademark of Lifewit’s operational guidelines. The company’s organizers are made of high-quality, scratch-resistant and crack-resistant frosted PP plastics. The width of the organizers were designed to suit home daily storage like bathroom, laundry rooms, and kitchen. They can also come in handy for the storage of shower gels, shampoos, towels, cosmetics, toilet papers, etc.

Lifewit’s under sink organizers are made with a user-friendly design consisting of four storage hooks, which are convenient for customers to store towels and other items that need to be suspended. The bottom of each layer is designed with holes to prevent water accumulation. After long-term use, users can simply disassemble and rinse it for cleaning. In addition, the steel frame of the storage organizers are wrapped in PP plastic, which facilitates user installation safely.

To get the Lifewit’s Under Sink Organizers and other incredible products like Storage Organizers, Bedding Organizers, Mats and Lunch Bags, check out the company’s Amazon page, and enjoy their variety of products, all designed to help its clients create space that is in tune with their own rhythm.

About Lifewit: Life is all about compromises. You find yourself in the midst of the constant hustle. Playing by the rules, not by your own choice. But inside your own dwelling, you can find your own rhythm and genuinely be yourself. At Lifewit, we offer homeware solutions that help you enjoy a genuine, comfortable life. Rather than disrupting your natural daily rhythm, we exist to help you create space that is in tune with your own rhythm.

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