Aspiring author Jack Ghazalian announces the launch of his new book, “The Life and legacy of Professor Jack Ghazalian”

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, January 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Jack Ghazalian is an online instructor and is honored by three different honor societies. He aims to empower people and pursue a career in space and exploration. He gives detailed descriptions of science, crystallography, 55cancri e, and supernova.

Since early childhood, author Jack Ghazalian has been fascinated by jewelry manufacturing, art, and design, as well as science, and always wanted to discover how nature evolves as he was passionate about different subjects, including and not limited to physics, chemistry, mineralogy, and crystallography.

Jack believes that, “if you want to learn how to swim, you have to jump in the water.” His inspiration began when he once stood on the street looking at the moon and thinking how the moon is “floating” in space. Immediately, he thought, we are in space and through time, everything expands and changes occur according to God’s continuum recipe.

The book, The Life and legacy of Professor Jack Ghazalian, contains research articles for astronomy lovers and gives readers details about the history of diamonds made by the universe. Its main theme is how the star were born and then how it keeps giving birth to diamonds. The book describes that research and other discoveries. The book provides a wider picture of our surroundings and our lives. It gives the idea to the readers of how the universe is rich with precious gems and metals.

It was only through his understanding of how diamonds are formed here on earth as well as in the exoplanets and how stars are formed and how the universe constantly expands, he was truly fascinated by everything and the extraordinary way in which things are created and recreated. The book is about Jack’s forty-four years of experience in the jewelry industry.

The Life and legacy of Professor Jack Ghazalian is a well-researched book that answers many of the curious questions about what we stand for and about life itself. The book will be available for purchase on Amazon. The book will soon be available

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