The Kenzo Lumiverse received the prize for best metaverse at the 25th Luchon TV festival on February 3, 2023.

PARIS, FRANCE, February 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — This year the festival welcomed high-flying jury members such as Mathilda May (president of the fiction jury, Jean-Luc Reichmann (president of the jury of the P’tit As du Casting), Bruno Solo (president of the documentary jury) and awarded Jean-Jacques Annaud with an honorary prize. The prize for the best metaverse was given by Frédéric Josue (18M) to honor the work collaboration between Lumière, Decentraland, K3, Mar Vivo Films, RS Productions, RollingStone Italy, Holdex and Animoca Brands to create the first metamarket linked to an audiovisual work. This prize created by Mauritian artist Rashley Sanyasi is represented by an NFT entitled “Timeless“.

Kenzo’s house supported the promotion and financing of the documentary series “Kenzo Takada: Living your dreams” directed by Jean-Luc Bonefacino (Mar Vivo Films) and co-produced by Corey Tong. Lumière develops its Lumiverse on different metaverses such as Decentraland, Sandbox, Roblox, All.Art, in order to create with its partners including Animoca Brands, Yona Labs, Gaumont Animation, Holdex and 18M, an impactful multiverse that can bring together and engage fans. of cinema, animation, series and documentary content, their producers, their broadcasters and targeted advertising brands.

Patrice Poujol, the CEO of Lumière declares that “The Lumiverse, this new metamarket model created by Lumière, Decentraland, and its partners, promotes and engages audiences in a deeper and more persistent way while creating funding opportunities and revenue for the audiovisual industry. We invite audiovisual producers, broadcasters and investors to join us in this adventure.”

Kenzo’s Lumiverse is part of a session organized for the first year by Christian Cappe, Jérôme Oysel, Axelle Correyeur and led by Frédéric Josue (18M), Thierry Amar with the official participation of Gilles Babinet (National Digital Council), Patrice Poujol (Lumière Project), Tiffany Palmaro (Yona Labs), Zakaria Laabid (Virstate), Thibault Verbiest (Metalaw & Payfoot), Kareen Traboulsi (Milla Media). These experts worked to produce a white paper which will be submitted to the European Commission and published.

Frédéric Josue declares that it is “quite natural that prestigious brands from the world of creation have cleared the virtual universes, already retail, banking, and even PGC (consumer product) brands are now rushing in this marvelous space of experience and commitment. »

Dr. Giovanna Graziosi Casimiro Director of Community and Events at Decentraland said, “The metaverse is open for any type of artistic endeavor, all it requires is creativity and collaboration. It was an incredible honor to work with Kenzo and Lumiere to bring their vision to life in the metaverse, and we are humbled to be included as co-recipients of this prestigious award.”

As Patrice Poujol said during the award ceremony, this white paper on the metaverse must take axes of inclusion, fun, educational and also respectful of the environment while emphasizing the balance between life physical and virtual life.

Motoki Tani, CEO of Animoca Brands Japan says “These are unprecedented times, we are able to build a new Internet, the Web3, that is more inclusive and culturally rich. The example of the Kenzo metaverse does just this as it bridges Japanese and European art and cultures.”

Jean-Luc Bonefacino, director of the documentary (Mar Vivo Films) reveals that “Kenzo Takada is a true hero. He walked through the history of fashion while writing it. The first multicultural designer, he revolutionized elitist Parisian haute couture, bringing to the catwalks “colored” models, Asians, Africans… as the universal citizen that he was, thus changing our view of others.

Today, he would be proud to be a player in the technological revolution offered to us by the metaverse and this is the whole meaning and scope of our collaboration with Lumière. Like an extension of our film, the House of Kenzo offers new life to this brilliant and joyful creator, who has always braved the impossible to realize his wildest dreams.”

Jonathan Bouchet-Manheim, co-founder of K3 by Kenzo Takada:

“This film is a tribute to Kenzo, whose creativity has had an impact on the world. The adventure of his life shows to all of us that there are no boundaries to anything you would like to achieve or reach as long as you believe in your dreams.

Kenzo is more than a family member to me, and to the K3 team, we’ve been living together everyday for so many years, and I can tell you that he spent his life spreading joy all around him.

The Metaverse is another creative world that Kenzo would have loved to discover and understand, he was passionate about and always impressed by technology. It is a fun way to introduce his work and to keep his spirit of poetry alive.”

About Lumiere :

Lumiere is building the Lumiverse, the trusted metamarket for safer entertainment investments. Lumiere is based in Hong Kong and Singapore and focuses on movies, series and animations, with 20+ experience in this sector. Lumiere’s metamarket aims to solve the multi-billion dollar transparency issue typically faced in creative productions around the world. It turns the way films and entertainment projects are financed upside-down by testing audiences and IPs before financing the films at pre-script levels. It is an integrated NFT- and blockchain-powered metaverse space where professionals and audiences alike connect through an immersive experience and start transacting and collaborating on creative projects together in a trustless context. Through its proprietary software Elemis, and pioneering integration of blockchain and NFT technology, Lumiere is making the film industry a place where passion, creativity and transparency can flourish once again… in a few words, an immersive kickstarter with NFTs where filmmakers are accountable and audiences are truly engaged.

Lumiere which received investment from Animoca Brands and has an active partnership with RollingStone Italy and RS Productions offers entertainment finance solutions, which syndicate and considerably lower investment risks for movie financiers, and turns film- and entertainment-project financing upside-down by testing audiences and IPs at pre-script levels. Its platform is an integrated NFT- and blockchain-powered metaverse space, where professionals and audiences alike connect through an immersive experience and start transacting and collaborating on creative projects together in a trust-based context.

For more information into Lumiere’s concept, interested parties are invited to visit their website or request a demo at: Lumiere is looking to build further partnerships and collaborations as it strives to achieve its vision of a truly decentralized and efficient film industry.

Media Contacts:
Lumiere: [email protected]

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About Decentraland :

Decentraland is the first virtual world owned by its users.

We’re committed to our vision of creating a fully decentralized protocol for social interactions.

This past year the project has attracted a lot of new users, and the whole Foundation team is thankful to all of you who choose to join our community, to build and to hang out in Decentraland.

At the Decentraland Foundation we remain committed to our vision of a fully decentralized protocol that enables social interaction and collaboration.

No rug pulls are possible thanks to the level of decentralization the platform has achieved.

• Anyone can run a server, which means the platform’s existence does not depend on the Decentraland Foundation or any other entity. It can continue running even if the Foundation is no longer around.
• The code is open source. Anyone can extend the capabilities of the platform, audit it or contribute to it.
• Ownership and governance data is stored on the Ethereum blockchain. No database hack or stolen keys can take away your virtual belongings.

Decentraland continues to work on empowering its community to build amazing content and host mind-blowing events. 2023 is going to be one for the ages, read on to learn more about our plans for this year!

About Mar Vivo Films & Corey Tong:

Mar Vivo Films is an award-winning international film production company based in Hong Kong, China. The company is committed to creating original film and television programming for the international marketplace with a particular emphasis on stories and content originating from or in the whole Asia region. We have recently worked with Netflix, NBCUniversal (USA), Channel 4 (UK), NRJ12 (France).

Projects in development include a Thailand-French feature film in co-production with Galatée Films and a China-Belgium feature film in co-production with Menuetto Films.

COREY TONG is based out of San Francisco. His recent credits include: executive producer of Oscar®-nominated and Emmy-winning LAST DAY OF FREEDOM (USA, 2015, doc); producer of Emmy-nominated film FOREVER, CHINATOWN (USA, 2016, doc; PBS/ITVS/ CAAM); producer’s rep of Oscar®-winning THE QUEEN OF BASKETBALL (USA, 2022, doc).

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