Denounce Hams, Hezbollah, and Iran

TAMPA, FL, November 09, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Robert “Rocky” Rochford, a retired Navy Captain/Commodore, running for Congress, said in a statement today that he continued to denounce Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. “Today marks one month since the tragic terrorist attack in Israel, killing 1,400 innocent men, women, and children. Babies that we decapitated by terrorists whose leadership has fled as the cowards that they are. Those cowards continue to hold 240 hostages. How could anyone support the killing of the innocence of infancy?”

“Having served during war in the Middle East, we must stand with our closest ally in the region, Israel. But standing with them isn’t enough! We must denounce all actions by Hamas and Iran and anyone in Congress that spews antisemitism and shows support for TERRORIST organizations. They should be sanctioned and expelled from our Nation’s Capital Building! Our leadership must place the strongest sanctions and threats on Iran and not act as though they are an equal member of the world society. They must be treated as the terrorists they are!”

“We must also solicit help from social media platforms where disinformation is running rampant. Our youth are responding to what they think is happening in the region. This disinformation campaign is one of the largest I have ever witnessed and they must be told the truth! Hamas is taking a page out of the Vietnam playbook used by the communists. If you can’t win with the truth, tell enough lies until they believe it. I am astonished, but not surprised that our own representative here in Tampa, Kathy Castor says that she supports Israel but voted AGAINST sending financial support. Soros and Pelosi must be proud of their investment.”

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