Orientypes, the Design IT Specialized company launches ‘Chinese Zodiac Tattoo Sticker’

ANYANG, KOREA, August 08, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Orientypes, the design IT specialized company has launched tattoo sticker using Chinese Zodiac animals in the overseas crowd funding site, ‘Kick Starter’.

The produced ‘Chinese Zodiac Tattoo Sticker (12 Animal Tattoo Kits)’ is getting issued as it has expressed Oriental feeling by having motive of the Korea’s traditional folk tale. Characters in the sticker have their own various stories such as mice with wit and agility, an honest cow with a lot of patience, powerful tiger and rabbit the idealist.

Apart from the animal character of the Chinese Zodiac, there are various types of tattoo stickers like number and alphabet, therefore, it is possible to purchase desired stickers by composing what one wants. It is cost–effective and provides ‘fun by selecting’ as it enables you to use what you need.

The using method of Orientypes tattoo sticker is very simple. If you press with your finger, it attaches to the area you want and also when erasing, you just have to rub softly with a wet towel.

Its features are that it has a wide scope of utilization as It can be used in various relations such as couple, friends and family and also according to various situations like sports, party and travel. Therefore, it is expected to get a lot of attention from the consumers.

Orientypes, that has produced DIY sticker, is in produce for related AR application, also this is expected to be launched on this September. Demonstration purpose of the corresponding application is to allow you to test with the camera by placing in the desired area where you want to attach after the user directly edits 12 animal characters, exclusive font character and others.

In addition, Orientypes are planning/producing on-demand IT service with the theme of design and it is known as a company that tries variously with the theme of Korean style design in the graphic design field. It is a largely loved global company in Korea and overseas since it is constantly developing design products that has melt Korean style taste to the stage of global market.

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