Integrated tools let exhibitors and visitors get the most from the online expo

FUZHOU, CHINA, October 05, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — PCY Expo is set to make major waves in the home decor industry when it launches October 8, this year.

The Expo will be the first fully online offering with more than 40,000 products across over 100 showrooms available to excited participants across the globe – a can’t miss opportunity for any wholesalers, retailers, and importers.

The PCY Expo is a completely virtual experience with visitors able to browse exhibitor’s full catalogue of products and designs (including not-yet-manufactured products). After requesting authorization to access a showroom, a visitor is then on the fast track to RFQs and new product designs with leading manufacturers.

Boasting 24/7 accessibility and an immersive experience for all users, a feature currently unmatched in the home decor industry, all registrants can visit the expo at their own pace.

With the introduction of this always-online platform that doesn’t demand the logistical complexities of physical trade fairs; it is possible for users to connect from any country or time zone. No more waiting in line to meet vendors or having to schedule multiple destinations to view a factories’ full product range.

Several brilliant functionalities ensure that every visitor’s needs are met.

• Text, voice, and video chat accessibility on-demand from each showroom and the main Expo interface.
• Product customization requests are integrated into the RFQ process. When a visitor examines product details, there is an option to customize the item.
• Color samples and material textures can be uploaded to explain the required modifications to the exhibitor.
• Active annotation tools to designate which aspect of the product is being discussed.
• An integrated RFQ function will allow buyers to add products, enter proposed quantities and see basic price parameters.
• A commitment by the attending exhibitors to return quotes within 24 hours during the 2-week launch period.

The full PCY Expo experience will be held over 2 weeks with exhibitor representatives on hand to meet buyers and answer any and all questions they have.

Fortunately, the PCY experience doesn’t end there. Visitors will still be able to view the showrooms to source products all year round.

PCY Expo is poised to become a powerhouse within the home decor industry thanks to its advanced utilities and ability to bring a home decor trade show experience to visitors worldwide.

COVID changed the way people shop and source items globally. Online Expos are a welcome, and much-needed, introduction to the future of trade fairs with buyers taking advantage of this opportunity to gain access to the best products for their markets.

Visitors eager to see the future of home decor trade fairs can visit and register today for Early Registration (until October 5, 2021).

PCY Network Technologies hosts an Online Expo to help manufacturers and retailers connect despite global health concerns using 3D imaging technology. The programming department has worked closely with leading design and manufacturing companies to make an immersive expo environment that also makes international trade easier and more efficient. Being recognized by local governments as a leading tech company, PCY continues to improve the trade fair experience.

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