Instant Suggestions becomes part of company’s ValuesFinder software and leverages GPT3 AI in combination with Pluralytics’ unique behavioral and linguistic science AI.

MINNEAPOLIS and BOSTON, January 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Pluralytics, an AI precision language intelligence start-up that predicts how language is likely to connect with people based on their personal values, today announced that it has launched an Instant Suggestion Engine to generate language for brands that is predictive of increasing connection and engagement. The feature has been added to Pluralytics’ ValuesFinder platform, which analyzes language and scores it against values personas and audience segments to help enterprise customers improve messaging engagement. The Suggestion Engine instantly produces language suggestions designed to level-up language to be closer to benchmarks for ideal audience targets.

“We have been working with OpenAI and GPT3 since we were part of an early beta group,” said Pluralytics Co-founder and CEO Alisa Miller. “Their AI is incredibly powerful in creating language and we have been working on our own proprietary AI models to ensure that the instant language we generate is high quality and precision-targeted to specific audience groups. Our core differentiator is that we help our customers based on science to understand how and why language connects with someone’s underlying values, which is a primary driver of decision making. It was important to us that our entry in the natural language generation space also delivered on that promise.”

Pluralytics launched its ValuesFinder™ product in 2021, has raised over $4M in seed financing, led by Ecliptic Capital in Austin, TX, and counts a number of Fortune 100 companies among its enterprise customers.

About Pluralytics
Pluralytics’ ValuesFinder™ SaaS platform powers values-driven communications. It identifies language patterns and matches them with people’s values by analyzing content across any channel and defining which values-driven consumer or employee segments a brand most aligns with — and why. It recommends language to appeal to more people with scaled scientific precision and measurable improvement in engagement while helping companies remain consistent with their brand voice. For more information visit

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