Anderson held the highest security clearance level a British intelligence officer could reach in MI6

WILMINGTON, NC, December 17, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — More than ever the current political climate leads many of us to distrust those in power who make laws and decide on conflict engagements. Is trusting them wise? How do we know they tell us the truth?

Because he is forbidden to tell the truth, Nicholas Anderson writes in his NOC Trilogy a fictionalized account of his experiences as a high-level UK MI6 intelligence officer running covert operations in many countries across continents. He experienced it all first-hand and heard it all in intelligence and government meetings of his country and its allies. He knows that truth and stories fed to the public too often are poles apart, and he wishes for the public to better understand what goes on behind closed doors, especially about military and covert actions.

Nicholas Anderson, a pseudonym, held the highest security clearance level a British intelligence officer could reach in MI6 and for obvious reasons he must remain anonymous. In a rare interview he discusses his books and the circumstances surrounding his telling it all in a fictionalized version of his exploits with “The Authors Show®” ‘s Executive Producer, Danielle Hampson. “When I reached overcover (retirement) only then did I think the extreme bravery of a small number of people doing extraordinary things and taking huge personal safety risks to protect us all, was not understood. It’s not macho James Bond cliches, but normal people taking a deep breath and slipping undercover into war zones to keep everybody at home safer,” says Mr. Anderson.

His need for anonymity combined with government eyes and ears never far away cause him to avoid conducting interviews and complicates getting his stories out to the world. “Be prepared to have your preconceptions changed,” says Anderson.

“It is in the spirit of free speech and the right for citizens to better understand how things work behind the scene,” announces Danielle Hampson, “that The Authors Show is making available this rare interview on its web page Anderson in audio and video formats. The page also includes a written transcription which may be used – with proper credit – by other media outlets.”

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