Caregivers can now manage video counseling and coaching sessions directly from a patient or member record

BOSTON, MA, October 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Saxa Solutions, a leading partner in the Salesforce Health Cloud ecosystem, has integrated telehealth services into Health Cloud.

With embedded TokBox technology from Vonage, caregivers and coaches can manage interactive video communication directly from a patient or member record within Health Cloud.

Patients and members communicate with caregivers using a custom mobile application that was developed by Saxa. For security and compliance, the app does not cache or store any data on the mobile device.

According to John Rounseville, Vice President at Saxa Solutions, “Our healthcare and life sciences customers wanted interactive video sessions to be native to Salesforce Health Cloud, alongside the already available forms of communication such as email, Live Chat and SMS. This opens up opportunities for care and advice to people who are unable to meet face to face with a caregiver or coach for any number of reasons.”

During a video session, a caregiver using Salesforce Health Cloud can enter notes into the patient record, just as if the encounter was face to face.

Popular applications for video services inside Health Cloud include:

– Sobriety coaching for clients with addiction issues and who live in rural areas or are homebound
– Nurses and nurse practitioners can provide video health coaching high risk populations so as to avoid expensive and unnecessary ER visits
– Clinical teams within medical device manufacturers can use embedded video services for device coaching and for receiving relevant clinical indications
– Corporate wellness team members can interact with members via video in order to provide face-to-face consultations in areas such as fitness and nutrition

Saxa Solutions provides a variety of transformative technology solutions to healthcare providers and life sciences companies.

For providers:
• Patient Engagement
• Referral and Intake Management
• Physician Recruitment
• Case Management
• Outreach Management
• Field Resource Scheduling
• Systems Integration (EHR & Legacy Databases)

For life sciences companies:
• Sales and Forecasting
• Inventory Management
• Asset Tracking
• Field Service Management
• End User Engagement
• Professional Services Automation
• Analytics and Reporting
• Systems Integration (ERP & Legacy Sources)

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