The private sale (IDO) period runs for 33 days from March/22/2022 to April/23/2022.

TOKYO, JAPAN, March 23, 2022 /24-7PressRelease/ — The private sale (IDO) period runs for 33 days from March/22/2022 to April/23/2022.

Therefore, the staking of SAC will be started after private sale.

If you join private sale you can purchase SAC anytime you want.

What is search protocol?
Search Protocol (SAC) is a decentralized token project that aims for more convenient usability of coding services.
Unlike other crypto-currencies, SAC token is created for people who want to create Web 3.0 websites and NFT marketplace
with no or little coding experience using the secured cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology features as a bedrock.

Search Protocol White Paper




This private sale is conducted only in Japan.
Please read the details of private sale below.


Purpose: Funding.

Target amount: 0.7 dollars x 15,000,000 sac.

Total supply: 50,000,000 SAC

Purpose of use.
1. development cost 25%
2. operating expenses 15%
3. sales related to agents (service agents) 15%
4. the operating expenses (affiliate expenses) for sale 8%
5. partner operating and token ecosystem operating expenses 10%
6. Liquidity rock costs 2%.
7. business expenses related to delegator 10%
8. business expenses related to direct advertising 5%
9. reserved in case of settlement 10%

There will be a limited sale to Japan at the suggestion of Miura that approved as the first dealer and agent.

If the target amount is not reached, IEO will be conducted simultaneously worldwide.
Explain the lock-up rules.

Search Protocol will hold the unsold SAC
Total supply 50,000,000 SAC
1. Public sale 15,000,000 SAC
2. Creative to Earn 12,000,000 SAC
3. Partner’s 5,000,000 SAC
4. VC 6,000,000 SAC
5. Developer guarantee program 1,500,000 SAC
6. Initial Delegator Operator 3,500,000 SAC
7. Developer Team 7,000,000 SAC

ADM allocation explanation.

ADM is a governance token of search protocol.
Total supply 100,000,000 ADM
By doing several activities, you can get ADM. There are four activities to obtain ADM in total.
1. Early staking of SAC (25,000,000SAC)
2. Staking of SAC (25,000,000SAC)
3. Liquidity Provide of SAC/USDT.e (25,000,000SAC)
4. Distributed to creators or those who contributed to the Search protocol. (25,000,000SAC)
The information about pre-Staking of SAC and Liquidity Service will be announced soon. Please wait for Announce from the search protocol.

There are a lot of Web3 buzz words flying around at the moment, but what does it all mean?

Blockchain, Bitcoin, NFTs, Social Tokens, DAOs A shift from older-generation web tools, Web 3.0 combines these tools with cutting edge technologies between AI and blockchain as well as interconnection between users and increased internet usage.

In much simpler terms, it is a shift from data collected by tech giants through social networking (Web 2.0) to a decentralized web structure where people control their data.

Built with the sole idea of creating an internet that satisfies everyone, peer-to-peer networks, user controlled data and monetization act as building blocks for Web3.

Introducing search protocol Search Protocol is a project that aims to produce a code-free Web 3.0 page. What’s is no code web?

No-code web is a style of web development that allows non-programmers and programmers to create applications without writing code by utilizing a graphical user interface. The no-code movement is based on the idea that technology should assist and encourage innovation rather than serve as a barrier to entrance. So much of what we do in our daily lives is made possible by code. Programming is what allows us to do many things online.

By connecting the wallet on search protocol, all users will be able to utilize our service. It was built on Avalanche network. Users can use our website to quickly and easily establish a website using a wallet image, similar to WIX.

No longer do you need to know programming to make functioning web pages for yourself. Create stunning webpages with configurable placements, padding, margins, and global color and typography options. With a widget for every necessity and complete customization, you’ll be able to achieve your design goals.

The No-code and Web3 movements come together to work on democratizing access and increasing the world’s ability to perform complicated activities with a single click.

Both foresee a society in which people are empowered and transformed from purchasers to producers. The borders of these initiatives are people who have common aspirations.

Creators can use Search Protocol to quickly construct distinctive Web 3.0 applications without needing much coding experience. You may utilize a graphical user interface to create Web3 applications whether you are completely new to programming or a seasoned coder. There’s no need to write any code. The goal of the no-code service is to make product development easier and remove all hurdles to a grand success.

No code of production On search protocol, you create a program by only dragging and dropping parts on a graphic interface. KYC authentication The widespread use of new technologies and the internet necessitates the development of guidelines to combat online fraud.

The Know Your Customer (KYC) project of the Search Protocol ensures that customers’ KYC information is validated, collected, stored, refreshed, and shared in a fast, safe, and decentralized manner. The Search Protocol platform is a game-changing framework for developing web3 applications.

Please visit Search Protocol’s official website for further details.

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