Health has become a very precious trait. With unhealthy habits, and lifestyle, that is, constantly, luring a person towards its garb, one needs to be watchful 24×7. Health could be taken for granted, in the olden times not any more, given our busy schedules. At a time, when the market is loaded with heaps of health care products, somehow, caring for our health has become more challenging than ever. “The more the merrier “ quote seems to be redundant in today’s scenario. “The more the loser” can be said though. As, we are losing on health, every single day. The products end up, putting us in a vicious cycle of consumption, which seems to be never ending. Time to go back to our ancient cooking methods, which used to imbibe the natural mineral and vitamins, while just using the right utensils.

Picture this, you can stock up on iron, magnesium and all the vital nutrients, by just switching to an iron wok, or mud pot, or copper pot for storing & cooking items. Ditch aluminium and non-stick cookware, right now, releasing loads of chemicals, on heating, this could be the real reason for all your health issues.

Baba Ram Rahim, the chief of Dera Sacha SAuda, has even launched an initiative, about “Creating awareness about the ill effects of aluminium and nonstick cookware”. Really thoughtful, this Baba really cares for his disciples and those in turn are spreading the word all over. All the Deras and Baba Ram Rahim’s followers, have gone for steel utensils overnight, after this initiative was announced. A, team of scientists, at Dera Sacha Sauda, assess, issues like these, and comes up, with such results, only after extensive research and testing. This link can help here.

Using water stored in copper Vessels has loads of benefits too, which we are waking up to. Better still, we used to make pickles, dry items in sunlight, during winter months, when they were found in abundance and used for summer months. Even, making of Kanji, Pannas, helps our system, by trapping, sunlight, and can be a good alternative to fill up for vitamin D deficiency.

Switch to organic

Most organizations are coming up with organic alternatives, although it’s really challenging to pick the best, NGOs and the ones using organic raw material, and helping in sustainability in rural areas as well, should be the ideal choice. Profit margins too, are an indicator, of a good company. The higher the profit margin, the greater a company is into money- making and not really cares about your health. Although, organic produce is costly, but, not to the extent of five or ten times, the regular product.

The product line introduced by Baba Ram Rahim, the MSG line of products, is the best, I have found so far. All the products, introduced by Baba ji, have a demarcation of organic, premium and standard, if a product has even slight variations in terms of organic ingredients, it qualifies as standard product. Baba Ram Rahim has made a complete line of products, right, from the grocery, honey, to milk products, detergents, available. As we know, millions of people, follow this man, and he had to save his followers from adulteration, menace, and at the same time, provide employment opportunities, in the area, along with motivating the farmers to go for organic produce. All these, factors led him to ask for organic products for his “bhakts” through a company, that could manage this on a large scale. And voila, we all have a complete line of products, to our disposal.

He has also introduced a line of healthy juices, like AloeVera-Brahmi, Aloevera-Ashwagandha, Aloevera-Orange and many such variants, for which he has given recipes. Most products in MSG-line, are his brains & therefore endorsed by him. The various pickles, jams, Ghee, Khichdi mix, all are a hit with the consumers. The taste lingers, long after these items are consumed, for the very basic fact, that they are organic, with zero adulteration. Baba Ram Rahim, has made sure, people reduce their expenses on medicines, by taking little precaution, in what they are feeding their bodies. This in-depth article, can enlighten, more on the MSG products.

His followers are already 100% vegetarian, and never consume alcohol or other intoxicants, as these are the pledges a follower of Dera Sacha Sauda has to make, before, taking up “Naam” or method of meditation from Baba Ram Rahim. Vegetarianism has its own health benefits. Here’s a complete list