Company’s Rental Property Management Portal Promises to Boost Value-for-money Proposition and ROI for Investors

BALTIMORE, MD, December 15, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — TREU, a leading provider of innovative technology-driven solutions for rental property management in Baltimore, reaffirmed its “buy” conviction in the Baltimore real estate market. The company hosted an online forum to highlight the key role of rental property in a diversified real estate portfolio. Participants in the forum expressed overall bullishness in Maryland’s real estate market, especially in Baltimore and surrounding neighborhoods.

Commenting on the conclusions from the panel, which comprised of real estate professionals, prospective investors, and members of the local investment advisory industry, CEO, Allan Meseroll said:

“When did its recent survey on Americans’ investment preferences, real estate was their number one pick. It’s no surprise at all, that investors are looking for more predictable and stable returns on their investment – and stock markets don’t offer that!”

In his presentation to the panel, titled “Why Rental Property”, Allan highlighted the many benefits that rental units add to a real estate portfolio, including:

– Life-time cash flows
– Value appreciation
– Diversification
– Equity underwritten by tenants (they pay down your loan)
– Tax breaks and benefits

By way of concrete data, Allan cited Baltimore’s October 2021 housing activity stats , which point to a healthy rebound in the real estate market:

“Anyone who invested in Baltimore’s real estate market this time last year, would have seen a 14.8% ROI, with median prices up by over $27,000 – to $210,000. Compare that to the 12.67% on the Dow Jones , and a very volatile 17.43% on the S&P mid-cap index, and investing in rental real estate makes great sense – especially for a steady flow of income.”

Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Dan Young noted that TRUE’s inhouse Maryland management rental portal technology adds significant value to rental properties, delivering additional torque to investment returns:

“Our tech-driven approach, combined with our years of experience in the rental property management space, makes us the ideal partner for investors looking to diversify in Maryland, and specifically in Baltimore. Combined, our team provides you a complete solution – all the tools, technologies and techniques – to make effective, productive decisions for homeowners, tenants, and investors.”

In his concluding remarks, Allan encouraged prospective rental property investors to partner with an expert in rental property management in Baltimore. That’s the only way to get value for money in this market.

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