An increase in contaminated recyclables going to landfill has been blamed on the long lockdowns endured by Victorians and the cost will ultimately be passed on to consumers and businesses.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, November 19, 2021 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to Waste Sense, provider of non-traditional waste management services Melbourne, a recent report released by the government agency, Sustainability Victoria, indicates that 20 per cent of kerbside recyclables ended up in landfill between July 2020 and May 2021. Compared to the long-term average, this is an increase of three per cent.

Waste Sense explains that when recyclables are contaminated, waste collection companies are forced to send it to landfill. Common waste materials that are incorrectly put in recycling include nappies, soft plastics, food scraps, clothing and garden clippings.

With people in Victoria largely confined to their homes over the past two years, Waste Sense says there has been a rise in the volume of packaging wrongly ending up in the recycling bin. With people putting the wrong garbage in the wrong bin, it puts enormous pressure on landfill. The most common culprits include pizza boxes, plastic containers with food scraps inside and bottles holding cigarette butts.

The landfill levy is set to almost double over three years, with the first increase coming into effect in July this year. Waste Sense warns that the increased landfill will end up hurting consumers and businesses, with costs passed on to them through council rate hikes and increased waste collection costs.

As a national waste service broker, Waste Sense helps businesses make sense of their waste needs and source solutions of all sizes. By working proactively with customers, Waste Sense is helping to divert waste from landfill into the recycling markets.

Waste Sense remains committed to reducing landfill and ensuring that recycling is made as easy as possible. Providing independent and unbiased advice on waste solutions to meet unique business requirements, Waste Sense takes the time to understand business needs and audit current processes before providing the most cost-effective recycling and waste management programs.

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