The company unlocks a milestone by successfully launching 100+ NFT marketplaces globally.

SINGAPORE, January 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Blockchain App Factory, a leading enterprise blockchain service provider, has announced that the company has unveiled a new achievement by developing and deploying over 100 NFT marketplaces for its clients worldwide. The NFT marketplace development service is one of the on-demand solutions of the entity, and they meet the requirements of their clientele with an assorted range of marketplaces, depending on the use cases.

Zircap, Woonkly, DSFR, and CryptoCorns NFT are some of the top-performing brands that have collaborated with Blockchain App Factory to avail their sophisticated NFT services. With a proficient crew of blockchain and NFT developers, they clearly understand their client’s needs and develop an all-in-one platform that bestows seamless NFT trading experiences.

“We are highly elated to accomplish a huge feat by successfully launching more than 100 NFT marketplaces across diverse niches and have empowered entrepreneurs through our profound development services and pioneering experience in the field,” says (CMO-Blockchain App Factory)

As a reputed blockchain development company, it offers diverse enterprise solutions in the web3 concepts, such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, metaverse, and gaming. Out of all, they are known for their comprehensive NFT solutions, where the company assists, right from the research phase to the deployment phase, and even supports with their result-driving marketing services to reach their target audiences and to build a strong community. This versatile support of the organization makes it one of the best NFT development companies in the market.

The features and functionalities of their NFT marketplace make it a unique platform, hence making NFT enthusiasts purchase, sell, trade, bid, mint, and hold NFTs easily and securely. Lazy minting, cross-chain functionality, bulk purchase, easy listing, in-built wallets, transaction history, splendid storefront, advanced search, and top-selling collections are some of the special highlights that make the platform stand out in the crowd.

Blockchain App Factory caters to NFTpreneurs with different applications, including marketplaces exclusive for artworks, sports, gaming collectibles, music, real estate, etc. Additionally, the platform makes the purchase of NFTs as simple as an e-commerce product by giving flexible payment options in both cryptocurrency and fiat currency. This way, the company significantly contributes to the global adoption of NFTs and provides a phenomenal opportunity for entrepreneurs to take it to the mainstream.

Among all, Blockchain App Factory marks its unique identity in the market with its white label NFT marketplace development solutions. Understanding the urge to quickly deploy the platform among the web3 entrepreneurs, the entity comes up with white label services, which extensively save time, money, and effort by allowing them to launch their own NFT marketplace in just a matter of days. With the addition of multi-chain compatibility, it offers NFT marketplace development on eminent blockchain networks, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Polygon, Solana, Avalanche, and Harmony.

With over seven years in the blockchain industry, Blockchain App Factory crafts all-inclusive solutions for entrepreneurs seeking an ideal path to leverage their brands and offers NFT marketplace development service as one of the finest models to give life to their dreams.

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