Lakeland, FL, June 22, 2017 –(– Training description and duration:

The concealed carry firearm training will consist of two interactive, hands-on classes:

* Basic – CCW 101 – NRA Basic Pistol – Single type pistol
* Advanced – NRA Defensive Pistol

– Basic – CCW 101 – – This is a 5 hour basic handgun concealed carry qualification course consisting of 4 hours of hands-on, interactive classroom training and a minimum of 1hour live-fire range training. Each participant will fire a minimum of 50 rounds using a defensive caliber handgun, either a revolver or semi-automatic.

The classroom session will consist of handgun safety training, choosing the correct handgun and ammunition for self-defense, the proper handling, storage and care of a handgun.

– Advanced – NRA Defensive Pistol – – The NRA’s Defensive Pistol course is a nationally recognized, true concealed carry training course. The course is 10 hours in duration, consisting of 5 hours or classroom learning and 5 hours of live-fire range training.

The classroom instruction consists of training in recognizing potentially life-threatening situations, avoiding life-threatening situations, dealing with life-threatening situations and the use of lethal force as a last resort. Also, included is the mental preparation for the use of lethal force and the psychological and legal aftermath of a defensive shooting.

During the live-fire range training, each participant will fire a minimum of 200 rounds of ammunition, using a defensive caliber handgun, while learning the proper method of drawing from a holster. The live-fire training consists of exercises involving multiple assailants, choosing and firing from behind cover and concealment.

Classes can be taken separately (Basic – CCW 101 only) or in combination. The Basic – CCW 101 class is a prerequisite for the Defensive Pistol Course.

Participation Criteria:
Participants must be a sitting elected official or an officially announced political candidate for local, state or federal office.

Dates and times:

– Basic – CCW 101 – Friday, June 30th
Range training – Saturday, July 1st

– Advanced – NRA Defensive Pistol – Thursday, July 6th
Range training – Friday, July 7th

– Private group training available.

* Basic – CCW 101 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 50 donation
* Advanced – NRA Defensive Pistol . . . $125 donation

In-Gauge of Polk County is an NRA affiliated, private, non-profit organization. All proceeds go to the promotion of community firearm safety education.

Contact Information:
In-Gauge of Polk County
Pat Edwins
Contact via Email
6039 Cypress Gardens Blvd.
Winter Haven, FL 33884

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