Empowering Parents and Educators with Science-Backed Strategies for Neurodivergent Learners

RIDGEFIELD, CT, July 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge, a leading authority in children’s mental health and the founder of The Global Institute of Children’s Mental Health, recently captivated audiences with her keynote address at the Christian Homeschooling Special Needs Expo, sharing the stage with the esteemed Temple Grandin. Her insightful and engaging talks provided parents and educators with invaluable tools and strategies to support neurodivergent learners and those with special needs.

Keynote Address by Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge:
Practical Self-Regulation Strategies: Boosting Attention, Listening, and Learning
Dr. Roseann delivered an electrifying keynote that left attendees inspired and equipped with a treasure trove of actionable techniques to enhance attention, listening, and learning in neurodivergent learners. With her dynamic presentation style, Dr. Roseann seamlessly blended scientific insights with practical strategies, making complex concepts accessible and actionable.

Parents and educators walked away with innovative ideas that can be easily integrated into homeschooling routines, empowering them to create nurturing and supportive environments where special needs students can thrive. Her keynote was a masterclass in effective teaching and behavioral strategies, making it a highlight of the conference.

Additional Presentations by Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge at the Homeschooling Special Needs Expo:

Natural Solutions for the Neurodivergent Brain: The Science Behind How to Calm the Brain
This session offered insights into calming techniques for neurodivergent individuals, presenting natural and holistic solutions that can be implemented at home or in a homeschooling setting. Attendees gained valuable tools to support the well-being, executive functioning, attention and listening of neurodivergent learners.

Rewiring The Brain: Science-Backed Tools to Improve Focus, Mood, and Learning
Dr. Roseann explored cutting-edge natural methods to enhance brain function in neurodivergent individuals. She discussed neurofeedback, PEMF therapy, and the critical role of nutrition in brain rewiring, providing holistic approaches to improve focus, mood, and learning abilities.

Dr. Roseann’s Work on Dysregulation:
Dr. Roseann’s extensive work on dysregulation has provided parents with science-backed, actionable solutions to manage and improve their children’s behavioral and emotional challenges. Her approach emphasizes practical strategies that parents can implement to support their children’s self-regulation, leading to better attention, listening, and learning outcomes. These techniques are not only beneficial for homeschooling families but also offer valuable insights for other organizations working with neurodivergent individuals and those with special needs.

Testimonials from Attendees:
“Just listening to Dr. Roseann speak was worth traveling to this event.”

“Dr. Roseann’s presentation on dysregulation just blew my mind and inspired me at the same time!”

“As a professional, I have been to many conferences, but I have never seen a more engaging speaker. She is so in tune with her audience and it was just such an amazing talk.”

Benefits of Dr. Roseann as a Keynote Speaker:
Dr. Roseann’s keynotes are not just informative but transformative. Her presentations are designed to provide actionable insights that can be immediately implemented, promoting a culture of understanding and resilience.

By inviting Dr. Roseann to your organization, you will:
Empower your attendees with science-backed and practical solutions for supporting neurodivergent and special needs individuals.
Foster a deeper understanding of mental health issues and the importance of holistic approaches in education and caregiving.
Inspire your audience with Dr. Roseann’s engaging and relatable speaking style, ensuring a memorable and impactful experience.

About Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge:
Dr. Roseann stands as a pillar in children’s mental health, pioneering transformative solutions like the BrainBehaviorResetⓇ method. She is a media personality who has been featured on FORBES, The New York Times, The Washington Post, Parade Magazine, NBC, CBS, Fox, and The Mel Robbins Show.

A sought-after keynote speaker, Dr. Roseann provides organizations with insights into mental health, promoting a culture of understanding and resilience with actionable steps. Already a respected figure through her “It’s Gonna be OK!Ⓡ Science-Backed Parenting Solutions for ADHD, Executive Functioning and Anxiety Dysregulation” podcast, bestselling books, It’s Gonna be OK!Ⓡ, TeleTherapy Toolkit, and Brain Under Attack, and the CALM Brain Community for parents, Dr. Roseann also has a line of supplements for the brain called Neurotastic®.

With a tireless drive, Dr. Roseann continues to light the way towards mental wellness for families and organizations everywhere. Her dedication to improving mental health spans beyond her practice and speaking engagements; she actively develops new programs and resources that address the evolving needs of children with neurodivergence and their families.

Dr. Roseann’s commitment to education and advocacy ensures that every individual she reaches is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary for fostering a supportive and nurturing environment. Her work inspires hope, resilience, and positive change, making a lasting impact on communities worldwide.

Bring transformative change to your organization by hiring Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge for your Christian parenting seminar, special needs workshop, or event focused on neurodivergent support. Her insights and practical solutions will leave a lasting impression, equipping attendees with the tools they need to make a meaningful difference.

For more information about Dr. Roseann Capanna-Hodge and her work, please visit www.drroseann.com and https://drroseann.com/about-us/ and her podcast at www.drroseann.com/podcast

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