Introducing a Sweet Solution for Health-Conscious Indulgence this Christmas Season

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, December 18, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sometimes, a significant life event can serve as the catalyst for a new direction in life. In January 2018, Bridget Ludy was struck by a flu-like virus, marking the beginning of a prolonged physical ordeal for her. As the effects persisted, her health situation intensified and in August of that same year she was hospitalized. Subsequent comprehensive testing revealed a diagnosis of a rare form of Diabetes. Enduring almost two weeks in the ICU and not expected to survive, she emerged from this critical phase fueled by a renewed mission and sense of purpose. Her mission was to create a new company called Healthful Chocolates.

Her four-decades long career as a Chocolatier provided the experience that was needed for that new mission – to create a premium sugar-free gourmet chocolate because she simply could not give up chocolate herself. She worked to create “Chocolates for Diabetics” launching officially in January 2024 but already seeing major success with pre-orders via phone during the current Christmas season soft launch. Ludy said that “Her goal was to develop a sugar-free, kosher, keto-friendly, non-GMO, vegetarian chocolate.” The diabetic population, currently at over 37.3 million in the U.S. alone is projected to exceed 54.9 million by the year 2030. Her product line has surfaced as an ideal solution for individuals that are health conscious but still crave that chocolate treat.

In the intricate stages of product development, Ludy took a strategic approach by involving a diverse test audience, consisting of over 100 diabetics from various parts of the nation. This comprehensive sampling initiative aimed to gather firsthand insights into the potential impact of this new chocolate creation on blood sugar levels. The participants, after experiencing the chocolate, not only reported no discernible effects on their blood sugar but also expressed profound amazement at the creamy texture and the delectable richness of the product.

The crucial feedback gathered during this testing phase played a paramount role in solidifying Ludy’s confidence in the product’s viability and appeal. Recognizing the positive responses as a testament to the careful craftsmanship, she was assured that she had indeed crafted a recipe for success. This invaluable feedback not only validated the product’s efficacy but also underscored its potential to resonate positively with the target audience, marking a crucial milestone in the journey towards the official launch of “Chocolates for Diabetics.”

As Ludy looked back, she said that “Ultimately the Lord had other plans for her” when she emerged from that ICU stay. She has developed four flavors for the launch of the online store ( Kona Coffee Cappuccino, Mint, Dark Chocolate, and Raspberry. All four are gourmet sugar-free. The website is straight forward with four products and the ability to purchase gift cards for friends and family. Ludy’s commitment to providing premium sugar-free chocolate is realized via her company, Healthful Chocolates. She is currently working to secure additional funding for scaling production and bringing this innovative product line to the market worldwide.

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