Manufacturers took center stage with dazzling product launches and major company announcements

HONG KONG, January 21, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — At CES 2023, the world’s premier technology show, manufacturers took center stage with dazzling product launches and major company announcements. Many representatives set off for Las Vegas—looking not only to exhibit future-forward products but to forge partnerships that would bring them closer to consumers worldwide.

Given the logistical challenges over the past two years, many firms are vowing to diversify their supply chains. Among these multinationals in attendance was GRE Manufacturing, whose team had one overriding mission: leveraging its experience and multiple facilities across geographies for the successful delivery of goods into customers’ hands.

Where to manufacture is complicated

The are many places to create components and finished products. For example, China has enjoyed more than two decades of manufacturing dominance. In the late 1990s, manufacturers worldwide began to capitalize on China’s low-cost opportunities for labor and operations. After joining the World Trade Association in 2001, companies raced to set up production facilities or source parts from Chinese suppliers, making the country a formidable player.

Now, North American importers are rethinking their reliance on Chinese goods after the pandemic highlighted the importance of diversified supply chains. With high tariffs, political uncertainty, and a strict “zero-COVID” policy in China leading to lockdowns, many shippers have shifted some manufacturing to South and Southeast Asian nations such as Vietnam, Thailand, and India.

Partnerships Matter

As the technology landscape continues to diversify and evolve, GRE Manufacturing stands out as a trustworthy, experienced partner for OEMs seeking reliable execution of multinational capabilities. Since 1989, they have been crafting electronics products with ultimate precision according to UL/CSA, ETL, PSE, and CE standards—all while maintaining competitive costs across their dual facilities in Vietnam and China. GRE is proud to showcase its expertise at CES: An event that brings professionals together on the cutting edge of quality demands and product specifications. With global teams in the United States, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Vietnam, they are experienced in a wide range of product areas, including:
– Consumer electronics
– Power supplies
– Medical devices
– Electro-mechanical products
– Magnetic components

Seen as global manufacturing experts, they partnered with CES’s Consumer Technology Association to publish The Vietnam Manufacturing Advantage. While others may struggle to find ready-to-use factories and warehouses, GRE Alpha already covers these aspects.

Looking Toward the Future

When CES spoke to Richard Fong, GRE Manufacturing’s executive director, it was noted that “Vietnam is a very natural and advantageous location for us to increase our size and capabilities.” In fact, the GRE Manufacturing facility has continued to grow and thrive. GRE Manufacturing looks forward to exploring the ever-changing world of global manufacturing logistics, supply chains, and economic obstacles. Through networking events like CES, we connect with experienced professionals who offer valuable insight—connections that are essential for remaining a top player in this rapidly evolving field.

To learn more about our story, the Vietnam facility, or our capabilities, contact us.

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