Looking to help small businesses reduce employee resignations and terminations, The MCM Group, LLC, a leading Human Resources group, creates an innovative “6-Step Churn Stop” service for small and medium-sized businesses.

ST. LOUIS, MO, February 08, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The MCM Group LLC, A Leading Human Resource Group based in St. Louis, MO has announced its “6-Step Churn Stop” service, a new offering designed to meet the needs of small businesses struggling with employee retention. The service helps businesses identify gaps in their hiring and talent management processes by using a 6-step assessment to find sources of employee dissatisfaction and areas in which to improve engagement.

Employee turnover can be a significant challenge for small and medium-sized businesses, impacting productivity, morale, and the overall success of the organization. Many small business clients make common mistakes that hinder their ability to attract and retain top-tier talent, and as a result, lose thousands of dollars trying to fill these positions. The 6-Step Churn Stop service explores the six things that small businesses frequently get wrong in terms of hiring and managing employees, it then explores strategies to overcome those challenges.

The HR group’s 6-Step Churn Stop service includes the following:

1. Examining & Filling in Technology Gaps
2. Exploring Career Development Opportunities
3. Assessing Company Communication Channels
4. Examining Employee Appreciation & Recognition Programs
5. Assessing Hiring Processes & Timelines
6. Exploring Compensation and Benefits

The program is customized for each business and comes with a detailed written strategy on how to tackle any inefficiencies discovered in the 6 core areas, all to mitigate high turnover rates within the organization.

Addressing common employee-related pitfalls is crucial to lessening high churn rates. According to the Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey (JOLTS), roughly 4 million people quit their jobs each month. Other employment data shows that 94% of employees say that they would stay at a company longer if the company had invested in their learning and development.

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According to a company spokesperson, “These data trends mean that small businesses are missing core elements in terms of employee engagement. After working with dozens of companies in various verticals from healthcare and hospitality to manufacturing and government, we believe that we’ve honed in the core areas of employee dissatisfaction. As a result, we’ve worked tirelessly to create this program, which offers a strategic way to identify and then nip problem areas in the bud, all before they lead to employee disengagement and eventual termination or resignation.”

About The MCM Group LLC

At The MCM Group LLC, we are committed to providing small and medium-sized businesses with a framework for talent recruitment and employee management. Since 2003 we’ve worked to produce measurable results for organizations looking to increase their bottom line by minimizing employee turnover and improving HR functions. By delivering all-inclusive Human Resource-based services, we’ve helped to expand employer HR education and in turn, strengthen their workforces. Our services include but are not limited to employee handbook creation, CHRO (Fractional) HR support, governance/compliance services, and union negotiations. Experience and data-driven approaches drive our customized solutions to assist employers in maximizing operational efficiency and achieving sustainable growth.

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