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FITCHBURG, WI, January 19, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — JangoCell and Captivate Bio announce today they have entered into a distribution partnership for Captivate Bio’s culture media, balanced salt solutions, small molecules, and other culture reagents.

JangoCell, a provider of products and services to the cell biology community, will add almost 40 new Captivate Bio reagents to their catalog with today’s partnership launch. Captivate Bio’s off-the-shelf and custom cell culture media, reagents, and services support a wide array of translational research, regenerative medicine, and emerging cell-based technologies.

This new partnership between JangoCell and Captivate Bio is a seamless fit of like-minded companies looking to serve the needs of the research community. JangoCell was founded to make available novel stem, transformed, and primary cell lines to biological researchers, in the same way that Captivate Bio was founded out of a determination to meet the needs of the many researchers whose science was falling through the cracks of the increasingly corporatized world of cell culture reagent manufacturing and supply.

“JangoCell is excited to be able to offer Captivate Bio cell culture products to our customers,” said Tina Gonzales, Director of JangoCell. “Having the team at Captivate Bio as a trusted, reliable source for cell culture media and other reagents is very important given the recent supply chain issues. By expanding our catalog to include Captivate Bio products, we can better meet the needs of our customers going forward, and to allow critical biological research to continue.”

“Captivate Bio was created to address the practical challenges in the field and provide streamlined access to essential, novel, and custom solutions for all labs,” said Lia Kent, Director of Technology for Captivate Bio. “We are excited to partner with JangoCell and add key cell culture reagents to their existing cell culture products and services portfolio. We believe our distribution agreement will help more scientists obtain the reagents they need with the dedicated service they deserve in a supplier.”

Cell biology research is expected to continue to grow anywhere from 8% to 20% globally by 2027, with consumable products at the top of the list for market growth. Therefore, the distribution partnership between JangoCell and Captivate Bio will strengthen the position of both businesses in the cell biology market, as well as meet the demands of those consumers through high-quality culture solutions.

About JangoCell
JangoCell provides products and services to the cell biology communities involved in human and animal research. Products include stem cells (adipose-, bone marrow-, umbilical-, and placental-derived mesenchymal stem cells), immune cells (PBMCs and T Cells), cell culture media, reagents, assay kits, and consumables required to perform cutting-edge cell biology research. JangoCell also provides custom cell biology services, including cell culture, cell line development, flow cytometry, ELISA services, and cryostorage of biological samples, as well as numerous downstream molecular biology techniques, for in vitro and pre-clinical data generation.

About Captivate Bio
Captivate Bio produces classic and novel cell culture products manufactured according to good manufacturing practices (GMP) with reliable product performance. Captivate Bio offers the most essential cell culture media and supplements designed to promote cell growth, proliferation, and maintenance of a variety of cell types, including mammalian cells and stem cells, in addition to custom reagent sourcing, media manufacturing, and other expert services to support translational research, industry partners, and novel cell-based technology advancements.

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