Have you met the amazing Kesten E. Harris? . He is someone who has defied, shattered, and broken every barrier that life has tried to throw at him. Although he had been diagnosed with autism, had some battles with depression, and being bullied in school, he let none of these things detour him from going on to do phenomenal things! Graduating with honors from high school wasn’t the only great thing he’s done. He’s also a three time published author. He’s bringing major attention to the sci-fi arena and we had a chance to speak with Kesten.

Q. Do you mind introducing yourself to the reading audience?

My name is Kesten E. Harris and I am an author, gamer, and cyclist. I have loved books since I was a kid so I have picked a career that allows me to write them for a living.

Q. How many businesses do you have and what are they?

I have one Business which is called:

Kesten E. Harris Stardust Books aka Stardust Books. It’s my Writing Business where I write and release a new Book every 3 months or so.

Q. What made you want to become an Entrepreneur?

I have wanted to be an author and own my own Business since I was 10 years old. I love writing stories and being creative.

Q. What has been your greatest challenge as an Entrepreneur?

Earning back and recouping the money I have invested on editing and self publishing my Books which is an expensive Business.

Q. What would the Kesten of today tell the 21 year old Kesten?

Keep writing, it’s going somewhere!

Q. What exciting project are you working on?

I am finishingThe Fourth and Final Book of The Explorer Series. I am also working on a Young Adult Fantasy Novel Series.

Q. What final words do you want to share?

Please Read Books!!! I feel Books are awfully unappreciated nowadays and I want to change that.

Connect with Kesten:

Website: www.kesteneharris.com

Facebook & Twitter: kestenrharris