Media and news is something all of us consume, read, distribute and talk about on a daily basis. Three teenagers Brendan Cox, Devin Caherly, and Faiz Imran wanted to do more than just consume media and news written by an older generation. They founded Business Blurb, a news and media company built for this generation’s entrepreneurs, influencers and DOers. 

However this isn’t these teenagers first venture, While the trio has not worked together on other projects they have all accomplished more than the majority of individuals their age in a variety of their other ventures individually. Brendan Cox the author of Strictly Business along with being the founder behind Cox Visuals, Teen Assistant and numerous other endeavors. Devin Caherly is a massive Tik Tok personality who has amassed over 100 million likes on Tik Tok and is popular for his POV videos. Faiz Imran is a serial entrepreneur and teenage millionaire behind Fismma Digital Agency, and a variety of online brands and startups. 

We asked the trio how they were able to amass over 20 million views in a month and keep them consistently coming in. They told us they tapped heavily into the social media market. They didn’t just communicate or give out the news like every other platform does. They instead turned the news into easy to consume content such as short 15 second Tik Tok and easily shareable content and posts on instagram. All of which lead to a spike in shares due to the ease of shareability. “We are also the first news platform to offer verified contributors on our platform. It served as a credibility tool and it already has quickly been replicated by other news and media companies.”  said Imran.

Cox and Caherly also mentioned how they are leveraging social media to drive traffic, leads and engagement across all platforms. Devin told us, “Tik Tok is truly the next big thing. We were the first entrepreneurial media company to leverage the platform and use it to our advantage.” Brendan who is heavily experienced in the Instagram world told us “We are building more than a news company, Business Blurb stepped up the bar for other online media companies as we leverage every aspect of social media to our advantage”

If you want to check out the fastest growing entrepreneurial media company of 2020, make sure to take a look at their publication, along with their Tik Tok and Instagram. 

This article was originally published on Teen Blurb Magazine.