The first and only MICHELIN Green Star for Excellence in Sustainability in Vietnam has been awarded to Nén Danang Restaurant.

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM, July 02, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Vietnam’s 2024 MICHELIN Green Star for Excellence in Sustainability has been awarded to Nén Danang, a pioneering fine-dining restaurant focused on sustainable gastronomy, during the prestigious MICHELIN Awards Ceremony on June 27th at the InterContinental Hotel Saigon.

Leading the charge in the sustainable dining sector, Nén Danang, under the leadership of Chef Summer Le and her partner Leon Le, showcases a deep commitment to ethical and environmental principles. With 99% of their ingredients sourced locally, including from their own farms, Nén stands as a model of sustainability, emphasizing minimal environmental impact and supporting Vietnam’s local economies and artisans.

Nén’s culinary ethos, embodied in their Sto:ry Menus, weaves rich Vietnamese traditions with innovative dining experiences, creating dishes that are both a celebration of nature and a narrative of culture. Their commitment extends beyond the kitchen, where sustainability is not just practiced but lived. A standout example is their Sto:ry Menu #5, a zero-waste venture that transforms eggshells into noodles, showcasing their innovative approach to sustainability.

This award not only honors Nén Danang’s achievements in gastronomy but also shines a light on their role as a source of inspiration for food enthusiasts and peers alike, promoting a more sustainable and ethically aware dining culture in Vietnam.

“Winning Vietnam’s first and only MICHELIN Green Star is a profound honor for Nén. This accolade recognizes our unwavering commitment to sustainability, not just in terms of environmental stewardship, but also in preserving and celebrating Vietnamese culture and traditions. It acknowledges our dedication to sourcing hyper-local ingredients, supporting local communities, and weaving stories through our culinary creations. This award inspires us to continue our journey of honoring the past while creating a sustainable future, where each dish tells a story of cultural heritage and respect for the land.” Summer Le, Chef/Owner Nén Danang.

Nén is a F&B brand dedicated to exploring the vast potential of Vietnamese ingredients and culture. They tell stories through their food, using 99% hyper-local ingredients sourced from across Vietnam and their own farms, highlighting the true essence of Vietnamese flavors.

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