European Bestseller Hits Number 1 in New Releases on Amazon in Teacher & Student Mentoring

NEW YORK, NY, April 22, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — The groundbreaking book “Coaching by Drawing™: How to Spark Change with a Drawing” has taken the teaching and mentoring world by storm, debuting at number 1 in new releases on Amazon this spring. Authored by Tamás Járdán, MCC, a leading innovator in coaching methodologies, and inspired by his successful Coaching by Drawing™ program, the book has garnered widespread acclaim for its transformative approach to personal and professional development.

“Coaching by Drawing™” provides readers with a comprehensive guide to leveraging the power of visualization and drawing in coaching conversations. Drawing from his extensive experience and expertise in business leadership, Tamás Járdán presents a practical toolbox of drawing-based coaching tools, powerful questions, and user-friendly guidelines for coaches, educators, mentors, and individuals on self-improvement journeys.

“We are thrilled to see the overwhelming response to ‘Coaching by Drawing™’,” said Járdán, author and creator of the method. “This book is a culmination of years of research, practice, and refinement in using visual elements to unlock human potential and drive meaningful change.”

The book’s success in Europe as a bestseller underscores the growing interest and recognition of innovative coaching methodologies that blend traditional coaching principles with visual techniques. Readers have praised the book for its accessible approach, actionable insights, and real-world examples that demonstrate the efficacy of Coaching by Drawing™ in various coaching contexts.

“Coaching by Drawing™” is not just a book; it’s a transformative tool for coaches and individuals seeking to deepen their coaching practice, unlock creativity, and foster lasting change. Whether you are a seasoned coach, educator, mentor, or someone on a self-improvement journey, this book offers valuable strategies and perspectives to enhance your coaching conversations and unlock hidden potential.

Learn more about “Coaching by Drawing™” and order your copy here.

About the Author: Unlocking transformative coaching experiences through art, Tamás Járdán, MCC, pioneers a groundbreaking approach merging coaching with drawing in his new book, “Coaching by Drawing™: How to Spark Change with a Drawing.” His Coaching by Drawing™ method redefines conversations, empowering professionals from diverse fields to excel in guiding others. No artistic prowess required; just a pen and paper unveil profound insights and strategies. Tamás enriches your coaching arsenal with 33 potent tools, 1500+ impactful questions, and streamlined guidelines. Join the movement transforming visualization into tangible progress, inspiring leaders, coaches, educators, and self-improvers worldwide. Embrace the power of making the unseen visible, igniting growth, change, and boundless possibilities in every interaction.

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