One of New York’s only organic cannabis brands puts soil-to-store ethos at heart of the business

NEW YORK, NY, January 19, 2024 /24-7PressRelease/ — Bud+Boro, a team of born and bred New Yorkers, is bringing sungrown, organic, small-batch cannabis exclusively to New York dispensaries. Cultivated with meticulous care and decades of experience, Bud+Boro cannabis is known for its superior flavor and premium quality.

Organic Farming Practices
Bud+Boro cannabis is cultivated on a family farm in upstate New York in heritage soil with more than 40 years of organic polyculture vegetable growth. The organic nutrients in the soil provide a depth of quality that can be seen in the potency, flavor and effect of each strain.

“New Yorkers don’t settle. It’s in our DNA to be the best, and that’s exactly what Bud+Boro represents—a dedication to crafting the highest quality small batch cannabis,” says Max Davis, CEO at Bud+Boro. “To deliver exceptional products we believe in exceptional care at every stage, from soil to seed to store. It’s about honoring the plant and the planet to cultivate the highest-quality, most-sustainable cannabis possible.”

Bud+Boro Products
Bud+Boro premium cannabis is available in flower, vaporizer, and tincture forms, with edibles slated for release later this year. A range of strains derived from award-winning varieties include fan favorites like Blueberry Muffin, rare and exclusive strain Kush Mintz, as well as newer strains like Fog Dog. Currently available at the Hell’s Kitchen Cannabis Collective in Midtown Manhattan, Bud+Boro is poised for expansion with plans to launch in more New York dispensaries in the near future.

“When it comes to cannabis, traceability is key. 9 out of 10 illegal cannabis samples contain harmful pesticides,” says Max Davis, CEO at Bud+Boro. “As the cannabis capital of the world, New York deserves a go-to choice for consumers seeking clean, environmentally conscious cannabis products. Bud+Boro fills that need.”

For more information or to enquire about stocking Bud+Boro products, see or email [email protected].

About Bud+Boro
B+B is a team of born & bred New Yorkers crafting the highest quality small batch cannabis. United by the mantra, “Honor the Process. Heritage Grown”, we offer our premium cannabis to New York and New York only. The process is meticulous and clean. The heritage soil that we use has 40+ years of organic polyculture vegetable growth. The organic nutrients in our soil provide a depth of quality and trust unmatched by imitators. We’re grateful to grow cannabis for a living. We make sure to show our gratitude to Mother Earth by putting her first in every decision that we make. Bud+Boro: Dedicated to the Plant, the Planet, and You.

About The Hell’s Kitchen Cannabis Collective
The Hell’s Kitchen Cannabis Collective is a pop-up retail enterprise, organized by Greenleaf Cannabis, dedicated to strengthening the connection between New York’s finest local cannabis farmers and New Yorkers.

Our mission is to help as many cannabis farmers as possible to benefit from their investments into the NY cannabis industry, while building community around conscious & local cannabis commerce through education, outreach, events, and key partnerships.

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