Amsterdam, Netherlands, March 26, 2018 –(– According to the Whitepaper, the unsold and unallocated tokens will be burned or nullified without the possibility of their subsequent withdrawal or use. NEXT tokens are used to get several benefits, like lower trading fees, up to 14 days earlier trading on newly listed coins, as a means of payment for token (sale) listing, to receive profit from the exchange and to acquire access to fiat (EUR/USD) trading. At a later point in time, NEXT tokens will also be accepted as a trading pair with several other coins on the exchange.

“We expect an upcoming time of enormous change within the exchange landscape, due to regulations, traders are looking for a better exchange which protects their assets. Fortunately, we have already issued 75% fewer tokens than what was expected: 25 million instead of 120 million. Due to there being fewer tokens on the market, demand for the tokens will be formed at a faster rate. We will continue to decrease the number of tokens, burning the tokens we will receive as platform listing commission. In April we are destroying unallocated tokens from the PR, bounty, and ICO sale pool. It is the right decision, we promised to do it to our backers to maintain a stable demand for NEXT. After the burn, all parties will win: token holders, our supporters, the team, and service itself,” Christiaan van Steenbergen, CEO of, said.

At the moment, NEXT is traded on EtherDelta and IDEX ( The daily total turnover exceeds $25,000.

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