It is the freshest and most relevant this classic has sounded in years!

VANCOUVER, BC, October 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — With a sound distinctly retro yet so fresh and alluring that one cannot help but regard it as definitively modern, Rich Chambers gives us John Fogerty’s classic, “Fortunate Son.” It is a version that is beyond respectful of the original, and in some ways, because of the respect it so obviously grants, is arguably even better. This is the essence of Chambers and the power of his music. There is something about his sound that takes you back in time but also leaps you forward. His branding, which one finds all over his website and social media sites, is “Rock n’ Roll Reimagined,” and it sums up the impact his version of “Fortunate Son” has on the listener perfectly.

Chambers opens the song with the same simple and driving bass and drum combo as the original, which sets the foundation for the instantly recognizable guitar lick. There is nothing new here, but the sound is so wonderfully full and fresh. It is almost as if Chambers is showing us exactly what Fogerty could have done if he had had 2023 recording capabilities back in 1969. The real “wow” moment though comes when Chambers’ vocals enter. The opening lines are literally an onslaught of unadulterated, gritty, and driving rock n’ roll, and it never falters. Chambers grits it out and rocks it right to the end. It is a stellar vocal performance and one that says this guy needs to be taken seriously. Chambers knows how to deliver and can most definitely rock with the best of them!

Rich Chambers is a little bit rock and a little bit country. He is a little bit retro and a little bit modern. He is even a little bit bubble gum pop, which he blames on the excessive amount of ‘Partridge Family’ reruns he watched as a kid. One thing though is for certain, on his version of “Fortunate Son,” Chambers is most definitely rock n’ roll. Check out the song and see why he has over 100,000 Facebook followers, 50,000 TikTok followers, more than one million YouTube video views, and close to four million Spotify streams for a growing catalog of material, the majority of which is original music. People are catching on and subscribing to the notion that Rich Chambers is indeed Rock n’ Roll Reimagined!


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