Aleksei Chebeliuk is a public figure and world-renowned accordionist based in Los Angeles, CA.

LOS ANGELES, CA, February 11, 2023 /24-7PressRelease/ — Aleksei Chebeliuk blends his passion for music, production and public relations to share his talent with everyone. The talent behind the instrument has won him recognition among celebrities and public alike. As a prominent artist and composer, he can produce a unique atmosphere, from moments of quiet lyricism to roaring vibrant rhythm. His innate ability to produce captivating experiences has earned him the title of “Celebrity Host” by public figures seeking his experience and expertise.

Early Life and Background
From a young age, Aleksei Chebeliuk was destined for greatness. Born November 16, 1989 in Samara, Russia, his talent was evident from an early age. At only 8 years old, he attended music school for Accordion class and participated in the Samara Open Festival of Children’s Creativity, “Russian Winter.” Despite having a broken leg, he showed no signs of slowing down; second place in the City Competition for Young Instrumentalists solidifying his credentials as a creative powerhouse. With the support of the Samara City Administration and becoming 2nd-degree laureate of Creative Competitions giving him more credence as a musical genius – it is no wonder Aleksei Chebeliuk is considered such a promising artist!

Accomplishments in Music
Aleksei Chebeliuk has accomplished many feats in the music world, proving himself to be a multi-talented performer. At only 19, he was studying full-time at two institutions while simultaneously taking part in STEM – the student theater of variety miniatures – where he played accordion and won an Honorary Diploma. In 2008, Aleksei organized his musical trio and took second place in a regional “Children’s Mosaic” accordion competition celebrating its 100th anniversary. Later that same year he graduated with honors from music college. But Aleksei didn’t settle there – after graduating, he founded Smile Band, a successful commercial cover band that rocks weddings, corporate parties, and birthdays alike with zingy live performances from Aleksei himself!

Smile Band: Musical Mayhem Made By Accomplished Aleksei Chebeliuk
Aleksei Chebeliuk’s musical accomplishments are outstanding: in 2011-2012, he and the Smile Band had the chance to participate in the Plasticine Rain international street theater festival, alongside prestigious artists from a variety of countries. In 2013 they cemented their success by becoming the headline show of “Night of the Ad Eaters,” a worldwide event held annually in 70 different countries since 1993. They also showed off their musical prowess during 2014-2015 at the federal student of the year awards and Aleksei was even invited to be part of the jury committee for a prestigious city festival! He has been an inspiration for droves of creative students – one particular admirer used The Smile Band as a successful case study for their business university’s graduation project. Truly an impressive act to witness!

Aleksei Chebeliuk’s Brilliant and Musically Talented Journey
When Aleksei Chebeliuk moved to San Jose, California in 2015 he had no idea how deeply his life would be touched by music. After just a month of settling into his new home, Aleksei met a family from India and their blind son who dreamed of learning the piano. Over the next year Aleksei studied with and taught him piano and musical theory and was even invited to teach classes at The Russian Learning Center “Rossinka” in San Jose, CA. Teaching music, piano, accordion, and guitar lessons to children as young as 5 – what an incredible feeling for Aleksei!

Song Writer and Producer
Aleksei has been creating music in Hollywood for years, and his producer mind was put to the test when one of the film school students in Hollywood asked him to write a compelling music composition for his graduation work. Knowing he had to deliver something special, Aleksei shifted into producer mode and created an instrumental work that exceeded expectations. After recording it, Aleksei released it onto various platforms like iTunes, Youtube Music, Amazon and SoundCloud. It quickly caught on as listeners appreciated how Aleksei used his expertise as a composer to turn seemingly basic soundscapes into complex pieces of art.

Professional Host and Artist
Aleksei Chebeliuk is a triple threat! Not only is he an accomplished producer and composer, but he also acts as an artist and professional host. Whether it’s creating music for a movie, commercial, or video game, Chebeliuk has the creative vision and talent to make any project a success. As a professional host, his friendliness and warm personality add to his appeal, making audiences feel right at home. Aleksei Chebeliuk’s broad range of skills will keep you mesmerized with every project he takes on, regardless of genre or format. Raising Awareness of Accordion Music in Popular Culture Aleksei Chebeliuk is bringing the hum of an old instrument back to popular culture. He’s causing an accordion renaissance with his goal of making it accessible to everyone from classical music enthusiasts to those just hearing about it for the first time. To achieve this, Aleksei Chebeliuk conducts classes and seminars to spread knowledge about the classic instrument and performs in the US to raise awareness and appreciation for accordion music. Aleksei has accordion and piano students all over the World and one of his students was Johnny Berchtold for TV Series “The Wilds” by ABC Studios.

Aleksei’s tireless devotion is inspiring a whole new generation of musicians drawn to its unique sound, so don’t be surprised if we see more accordions around soon!

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