Deena Brown has done it again! She is truly a woman that does it all! In her new book, Walking Through Glass, she shatters the lie that women can’t do and have it all!

What does it mean to be a Sane, Sexy and Significant woman in business? How do we cultivate and exude these characteristics without compromising our professional standing?

As women in corporate America, we face challenges when it comes to workplace dynamics. We fall prey to assessments based on how attractive we are, what we wear and whether we have children or not. The corporate culture perpetuates concepts that reward men more often than women based on seemingly unfair standards.

So what is ultimately the byproduct of this structure?

Women believe they have to be more like men to succeed. Women subjugate those attributes that are associated with weakness for those that are more masculine. The biggest insult is that women begin to question their right to their seat at the table. It is the shards of glass (doubt, insecurity, anxiety, and fear) that CUT through the confidence of BOLD, BRILLIANT, and BAD ASS women leaders and cloud their identity.

With her book Walking Through Glass: How to be Sane, Sexy, and Significant in a Male-Dominated World, Dr. Brown deconstructs the myths surrounding women leaders by providing key strategies and actionable ideas on HOW to “walk through the glass” Sane and Sexy, all while cultivating a legacy of Significance.

In this transformative guide Dr. Brown shares practical steps along with inspirational examples of real women who have walked the walk and boldly take their place in the history books as powerful women leaders. If you want to know how to stay sane, sexy and significant while asserting your savvy business side, this book will show you how to do it in style.